Craig Revell-Horwood has rekindled his feud with James Jordan after former pros neatly label Rose Ayling-Ellis ‘medium’

Craig Revell Horwood He reignited his feud with James Jordan after previous Strictly come dance Professional Dancer named contestant Rose Aaling Ellis “Rate”.

Last week, James, who was fired from Strictly in 2014, came under fire East Enders Rose star in his own hello column After her fast-paced Frozen-themed streak from Music Week.

He wrote: “Their dance was an excellent example of a time when the theme of the play captured the quality of dance.”

Craig has now called out his former teammate Strictly, calling his verdict “crazy” for praising the soap star.

(LR) Craig Revell-Horwood and James Jordan
(LR) Craig Revell-Horwood and James Jordan

Tell woman: “I mean, that’s just crazy, she’s so cool and I think she’s unbelievable…so I totally disagree with him.”

Then Craig reignited his old rivalry with James, saying he was “desperate” for his job on the jury.

“I think it’s clear he’s just trying to grab the headlines and get a judge job,” he said. “He’s always wanted it. He’s desperate for my job, but he’ll never get it.”

last year, Craig described James as “bitter and quirky” After the pro paid tribute to everyone on the show — except for the judges in a tweet.

“[Strictly] James tweeted. “The pros and celebrities have all been great and put their socks on to entertain us all.

“The hair, makeup, fashion team and everyone behind the scenes. However, the judges need a little bit of improvement.”

“He would have said that,” Craig later said. Yes!. “Honestly, we won’t fix until he stops my malice!

“His comments and his Twitter scores always match mine. He thinks the same way I do and it makes me laugh because he obviously wants my job!”

On whether he saw a place on the board in James’ future, Craig continued, “Not in a million years. It’s so bitter, it’s so twisted!”


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