Covid vaccine numbers made in India, and what that means for travel

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Covid vaccine numbers made in India, and what that means for travel

The government has denied allegations that up to five million Britons may be present Banned from European travel This summer because of three batches of AstraZeneca Vaccine They are not recognized by the EU passport system.

telegraph mentioned On Friday, three batches of AstraZeneca Gap It was manufactured in the UK by the Serum Institute of India and was a version of the vaccine known as CoviShield.

Covidshield has not yet been authorized by the European Medicines Agency (EMA) or the EU’s new digital Covid vaccine passport scheme, which has led to concerns that people may be Get away from the border If they try to use their vaccination case to travel.

Boris Johnson played down travel concerns on Friday and said he was “very confident” the problem would be resolved. A government spokesperson later said that no Covidshield vaccines had been given in the UK, adding that all doses used in the UK had undergone rigorous safety and quality checks by the MHRA.

How do I check my batch number?

Three batches of AstraZeneca vaccine have been reported to have been manufactured in India:

Your batch numbers should be written or stamped on the vaccination card you received at your first appointment.

You can also view a file Batch numbers through the NHS app, by clicking ‘Get an NHS Covid Pass’.

Why doesn’t the EU accept Covidshield?

EU Digital Covid شهادة Certificate Launched Thursday, July 1, it is designed to allow people to travel freely through the region using the vaccination guide.

Covishield is not yet approved for use in the European Union, which means it is not recognized as a travel-friendly vaccine.

There is no indication that this vaccine is substandard. The problem is that the EMA has not authorized it because Indian manufacturers have not yet sought a license to use it in Europe.

telegraph He spoke to three people whose vaccine batch number matches those manufactured in India, and none of them were told there was anything different in their vaccines.

Hannah Smith said she felt “discriminated,” adding that she would drop plans for a European vacation until the status is cleared.

Another person who got a dose from one of the three batches said: “Vaccine passports would be a completely predictable thing, so our government should have made sure anything they bought would be recognized to travel everywhere.”

What did the government say?

A government spokesperson described the allegations as “completely untrue” and said: “Covishield vaccines have not been administered in the UK.

“All AstraZeneca vaccines offered in the UK are the same product and appear on the NHS Covid Pass as Vaxzevria. The European Medicines Agency has authorized this vaccine and we are confident that travel will not be affected.

“All doses used in the UK have undergone rigorous safety and quality checks, including individual batch testing and physical on-site inspection, by the drug regulator, MHRA.

“EU Digital Covid-19 certification is currently only available to EU citizens, or third-country nationals legally residing or residing in the EU. Ensuring safe and open travel with our global partners is a clear priority and we engage the European Commission in accreditation.”

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