COVID-19: UK travel lists will be updated – find out which countries may turn red | UK news

The UK travel lists are due to be updated at a later date, with European countries mostly considered safe from being added to the red list.

However, changes may be on the way for other countries, according to data expert Tim White.

White sees Morocco, St. Lucia, and Jamaica as the most likely holiday destinations to turn red, while there may also be changes in Croatia, Slovenia and Madeira.

Follow the latest developments in the travel list

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Analysis: How UK travel decisions are made

Currently there 60 countries and territories are on the UK Red List, with names updated approximately every three weeks.

While most European destinations are believed to be safe from the red list – which means 10 days hotel quarantine Back in the UK – Mr White said some could go from green to amber.

That could mean additional checks and home quarantine for those who are not being double stabbed.

Mr. White said: “The government has kept a green watch list which we assume means no country can go directly from green to amber, right? Well, it’s happened before, so who knows?”

“I was, I think, the only one who expected Croatia to go green a while ago, and now many write that they will probably go back to amber. I can agree with that.

“But again, let’s compare with Germany which is on solid ground. Croatia does 75% more tests than Germany, yet it has a higher infection rate of more than 20%.

“Germany has done much better in terms of administering vaccines, and that comes into play and may explain why it remains green, while Croatia may enter the amber list.”

Mr White said Bulgaria has a “full green traffic light rating” yet has 70% higher COVID rates than Croatia and has lower vaccines and test numbers.

“So it would be crazy for Croatia to get a lower rating than Bulgaria,” he said.

“It is possible that both should switch from green to amber, but will the Secretary of Transportation move a nation from green to amber without a watch list, and if he does, what is the point of any watch list?

“Slovenia also was only recently given the green light, but rates are going up in the Balkans and are about 50% higher than Croatia, so they’re also at real risk of a downgrade, but maybe only to the watch list.”

Other countries are also facing an impact, according to Mr White.

“Madeira may also face a reclassification to match the status of amber in mainland Portugal,” he added.

“Many Caribbean destinations also fear changes in the upcoming review.

“Antigua, Barbuda and Dominica will likely have their green status revoked, while Israel also looks almost certain to return to amber.”

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