Courtney Lowe says she has Elon Musk’s private emails.

Courtney Leo Cobain, Elon Musk, Bernie Sanders, and Kendall Roy are all in the running for Friday. The main character on Twitter Following the same tweet where the queen of grunge music of the 90’s scolded the CEO of Tesla to the senator of Vermont for his meaningless response (we will reach Kendall in a second).

According to Love, she was bcc’d on Musk’s “str8, man, paypal mafia email group” for months. “With this information in mind, don’t you think that in a ‘civilized society’ one should pay a fair share of one’s taxes?” He tweeted on Thursday. He attached a screen grab to Musk’s November 14 response to Sanders’ tweet, stressing, “We must demand that the very rich pay their fair share. Duration.” As one of the richest men in the world, Musk apparently resented the 80-year-old senator’s response: “I’m forgetting that you’re still alive.”

It didn’t seem right with love. “Don’t choose Bernie. This is Kendall Roy Shit,” he instructed her, adding the name of the number one boy in the HBO drama. Succession. Kendall, you see, has tried to get points in the public opinion court by pointing out many mistakes of his family company, especially the patron Logan Roy. If you have seen SuccessionYou know how ridiculous it is for Kendall to present himself as a “good” man (if you haven’t seen him fix it as soon as possible) and that he’s a very rich, usually But there is a weak man who, for some reason, wants approval, sometimes looking for it Random tweets On Twitter.

The Internet did what Str8, the man, actually did in these emails from the PayPal mafia, waiting for love to spill tea on him (he also put a tea emoji in the tweet), but his collective hopes But the water turned. Tweeted later She was a “good queen”, noting that capitalism and the American dream were good for Musk, and that she should pay taxes and be good in return.

Lest you think it’s a pop culture lesson that has no morals to the story, Love actually raises a point that Musk himself has considered for his 65 million followers: how much he pays taxes. Yes or no Musk has been a vocal critic of some of the richest Americans proposing to tax unrealistic profits on publicly traded assets, and said in a tweet last month that he would “personally tax” them. The only way to pay is to sell the stock. ”

We know that love is very much aware of the power of Twitter. His former attorney, Rhonda Holmes, sued him (unsuccessfully), alleging that a false DM that Love had publicly tweeted damaged Holmes’ reputation. A jury found in 2014 that Love should not be held responsible for deleted tweets. It looks like she will tweet about private emails without receipts to back up her claim.

We also know that love knows it. Succession; In a recent episode, Kendall tricked speakers into interrupting her sister Siobhan (Shaw, her friends) because she gave a keynote speech to employees. The speakers were playing “Rap Me,” a controversial song by Nirvana, a seminal grunge band led by Pierre’s late husband, Kurt Cobain. Mohabbat said on Instagram that she was “never too proud to accept one of Kurt’s songs” for use on the show. “I’m sure he’s proud of it wherever he is.”

According to the article, Musk has not responded to the love in public, but apparently has his e-mail address, so he may have arranged things privately. If he felt that any of these BCC emails had to be fwd, the result would be to compete with even the wildest emails. Succession ‘s installments

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