Courteney Cox surprises fans of Friends on Warner Bros. studio tour – Hollywood Live

While filming her new series at Warner Bros. lot, Courteney Cox surprised fans of ‘Friends’ on the Central Perk stage. Watch the great video.

Work from 9 to 5: Courteney Cox She has other “shifts” outside of her usual acting job. The friends Alum, 57, shared a video on Instagram on Oct. 1 of her doing several other jobs around the Warner Bros. studio. In Los Angeles, she joked about what she’s doing between scenes of her upcoming horror comedy series Shining Fall.

“What’s the next scene?” The star asked a woman after the shooting, and she replied, “An hour later.” Kourtney replied, “In an hour, OK. I have to do my other shift.” The star then heads off to work as a cashier at the gift shop, handing out parking passes at the security gate, and serving coffee to fans on Warner Bros.’ Central Perk Stage. ‘ Round the studio like Dolly Parton“9 to 5” plays in the background of the montage.

On the set of Central Perk, which contains a list of drinks named after the characters of the sitcom, including “The Chandler” and “The Ross,” the actress made requests from “The Rachel” and “The Monica” to the guests. In the hilarious Instagram video caption, Courteney captioned, “When I’m not acting…” with the hashtag #inbetweenthescenes.

The actress’ upcoming horror comedy series, which is set to air on STARZ, also happens to depict the same storyline as the 1994 sitcom. friends. In August, Kourtney similarly surprised fans and staff in the in-between pieces of acquisitions Shining Fall. In an Instagram video shared on August 11, Courteney also did a series of other posts around the lot during her break, including serving the crew lunch, driving a golf cart, and driving a studio tour.

“We’re in stage five, here to our right,” Courtney told fans during the tour. “This is the place friends Started in 1994, it is now operated by a show called shining valstarring Lee.” After this video, Courteney once again delighted fans with Picture of her on an orange sofa Located in front of the icon friends Fountain while carrying a script for shining val. She commented on the post “When Worlds Collide”.

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