Couple apologize for being criticized for ‘cheating’ the London Marathon by repeating numbers and running together

One couple says they are “really sorry” after they were accused of cheating at the London Marathon by running the same registration number on their jackets.

Monika Czarnecka, 41, and her husband Piotr, 42, were captured along with the same numbers, which prompted regulators to open an investigation.


Monica Czarnica and her husband, Peter, have been accused of cheating
The photos show the pair running around in jackets bearing the same number


The photos show the pair running around in jackets bearing the same numberCredit: Twitter
Emotional Monica crosses the finish line with Pewter


Emotional Monica crosses the finish line with PewterCredit: Twitter

The pair also faced a backlash on social media for cheating.

She has now revealed that only Ms. Czarnica has registered to run and that Piotr has reproduced her number so he can accompany her for “moral support”.

Mrs. Czarnica said, MailOnline: “I’m really sorry for what we did and I didn’t want to cause any harm.

“The fans were great, and their cheers and applause helped me finish the match marathon It hurts to think I let them down.

“This was my first marathon and I needed Piotr’s support because I was worried I wouldn’t be able to complete it.”

Peter added, “It was all my idea and I take full responsibility for it. I know this was a mistake and I’m really sorry, but I did what I did to support my wife.”

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He admitted that he missed it suffrage And place in the London Marathon itself.

Record numbers are distributed to the racers before the race, which gave Piotr enough time to reproduce the number 11250 that was issued to his partner.

They were spotted by members of the eagle-eyed running community, and footage of the pair running alongside each other was shared online.

spokesperson London Marathon He confirmed: “We have learned of the photos showing two contestants wearing identical numbers and we are investigating.

“We take any incident in which a participant cheats or falsifies numbers very seriously.”

More than 80,000 people entered the London Marathon last Sunday.

Charnica, from Amersham in Buckinghamshire, finished 21,697 with a time of 4 hours 40 minutes 58 seconds.

strong hit

The pair initially clocked their marathon time on the running app Strava, but quickly deleted it as their actions began to fade.

One angry response said on Twitter: “I suddenly became very shy of Strava when she mentioned this photo and all the others and suggested she hand over her medal.”

Another person tweeted: “I’ve had 9 rejections in 9 years. This kind of thing is so frustrating. Next year is my last chance. I don’t have any hope.”

Meanwhile, another said: “It’s not fair that we pay around £200 for a charitable place, stressing about £2,000, and you get really virtual or fake photos on the course.”

Ms. Czarnica added: “We will never do it again. It is as if a mob has come out to follow us, it is horrible and ruined my life. I just hope all this is quickly forgotten.”

“When I finished the marathon, I was so happy, I couldn’t believe I did it. I may have been selfish in wanting Piotr by my side, but I wanted to share this moment with my husband. I am really sorry that all of this happened.”

Over 80,000 people participated in the 2021 London Marathon


Over 80,000 people participated in the 2021 London Marathoncredit: scientific
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