Coronavirus latest: France advises holidaymakers to avoid Spain and Portugal

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Coronavirus latest: France advises holidaymakers to avoid Spain and Portugal

The Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis will do it Requires full vaccination of current and future employees against Covid-19. In a blog post, the bank’s president, Neil Kashkari, revealed that the bank told its 1,100 employees that they must be fully vaccinated by the end of August in order to continue operating there.

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson Reject suggestions that people who have tested negative for coronavirus كورونا After being asked to self-isolate, she should be allowed out for free. Currently, people who have been in contact with someone who has tested positive for Covid-19 are being asked to self-isolate for up to 10 days, even if they test negative.

Health officials in Mississippi, the least-vaccinated state in the United States, have revealed that more than 75 percent of coronavirus infections During a 10-day period in June, delta variant cases were. Thomas Dobbs, the state health official, said on Twitter that 78 percent of Covid-19 cases from June 16-25 were the most transmissible variant.

While the United States, China and Europe are showing signs of a strong economic recovery from the coronavirus pandemic, Many countries are facing rising infection ratessaid Kristalina Georgieva, managing director of the International Monetary Fund. Georgieva warned of “deepening divergence” between countries in a G20 observation note, ahead of that group’s July 9-10 meeting in Venice, Italy.

UK ministers are Allowing truck drivers to work longer hours trying to solve Severe shortage of staff This disrupts deliveries and threatens to drive up consumer prices. But both carriers and unions said changing rules designed to ensure safety wouldn’t make much difference in the short term – and would exacerbate the sector’s long-term employment problems by making already difficult working conditions less attractive.

New York City on Wednesday Celebrated its core workers with a tape show in their honor, but a Heat alert Celebrations shortened. First responders, doctors, nurses, teachers and transport workers rode more than a dozen buoys through the city’s Valley of Champions in lower Manhattan, with water circulating along the parade route.

People cheer for frontline workers in New York City during a tape show along Valley of Champions © Getty Images

I mentioned the stricken Brazilian state of Amazonas Zero deaths related to the Corona virus for the first time since the beginning of the epidemic. The vast rainforest state has been the site of horrific scenes throughout the pandemic, particularly in January of this year when a lack of oxygen supply in the capital, Manaus, caused a number of suffocation deaths.

UK is Share its genetic sequencing technology with other countries With growing concern around the world about the spread of new types of Corona virus. Public Health England said on Wednesday it would send equipment, technical advice and training to Brazil, Ethiopia, Kenya, Nigeria and Pakistan, which would help them identify and trace the virus.

global demand for Air travel is being ‘hampered’ by excessive government restrictions, the International Air Transport Association said. IATA said total demand for flights rose slightly in May, but is still 62 percent below levels recorded during the same month in 2019. April figures showed a 65 percent decline.

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