Coronation Street’s Nicola Thorpe reveals the actor lost his eye when the gun went off

Nicola said an actor lost his eye when using a vacuum on set (Image: ITV)

former Coronation Street Actress Nicola Thorpe claims that the actor who worked on the set lost an eye due to a void.

Actress, best known for playing Nicola Rubinstein on stage ITV Soap, experiment while appearing on This morningShe discussed the dangers of using guns in film and television in the wake of cinematographer Halina Hutchins’ death.

“I’ve worked as an actress for over 10 years now,” Nicola told the show’s hosts. Philip Schofield And Holly Willoughby.

I’ve worked in groups where there are weapons, there are armor makers, I’ve worked with weapons in the theater.

This is not as rare as you think. Obviously it’s rare for some people to get shot but there are always accidents, no matter how careful you are.

I worked on a set where a gun that shouldn’t have been loaded went off and it was a terrifying experience. In my opinion, there should be no real weapon or real ammunition anywhere.

Nicola suggested a number of alternative ways to shoot scenes involving weapons, including CGI and fake props, adding that the voids are very dangerous as well, revealing that the actor she worked with “lost an eye” due to the void.

“Voids can kill you,” she added. I have worked with an actor who lost his eye due to a vacuum, because the gun had not been cleaned properly.

Nicholas Nicolas Rubinstein photographed for two years on Coronation Street.

Nicola arrived at the famous stones in June 2017, and was the daughter of serial killer Pat Phelan (Conor McIntyre). After two dramatic years on the stones, she left the character in 2019 to start her new life in Bristol.

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