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Coronation Street spoilers – Sam Retford on Curtis’ big secret

Coronation Street spoilers follow from Wednesday Night Episodes (December 1).

Coronation Street He finally revealed the truth about Curtis Delamere, confirming that he doesn’t have a life-threatening heart condition after all.

Earlier this year, Curtis told his partner Emma Brooker (Alexandra Mardell) He is terminally ill. Since then, we’ve seen Curtis head out for a number of hospital appointments, but now viewers know exactly what he’s being told behind closed doors.

When Curtis spoke with a doctor in recent episodes, he was assured that he had a clean bill of health. However, when Curtis refused to believe it, the doctor suggested that he might have factitious disorder – a mental illness in which people deceive others by pretending to be ill.

Sam Retford, who plays Curtis, spoke to him recently digital spy And other media about the story.

Did you always know this turn was coming for Curtis?

“Yeah, I knew from day one. That’s what drew me to the role so much because it’s definitely in British TV not something that’s really been talked about, and certainly not that long.

“I just thought: ‘When will I get a chance to play the long game with a story like that? “It’s just been an amazing character-building and relationship-building experience for the past seven months or so, but I always know in my mind where it’s headed. It was huge. It was a great opportunity.”

How hard is it to keep this story a secret?

“It was very difficult, because it’s something that fascinated me a lot and it’s something I really tried to get into. I didn’t pretend it wasn’t going to happen. For example, if you were to watch the episodes again, you’d see all of his actions affected by that.”

“So it’s something that was always at the forefront of my mind but I could never really talk about. It was very difficult.

“A few people guessed it, which is good. We left some clues there. We didn’t want it to come out of the blue because it’s something that affects people’s daily decisions and everyday lives. It’s a really debilitating disorder.”

Curtis Delamere, Coronation Street


Have you had friends and family members trying to get the secret out of you?

“Yeah, I’ve had people ask. But a lot of friends and family didn’t want me to tell them. They wanted to go on a ride, which was really cool, so they could enjoy the story. But yeah, I’ve had quite a few people trying to get it out of me.”

Knowing that so much of Curtis’ character is based on lies, how did it affect the way you dealt with him?

“It’s really difficult, because there are two ways you can look at it. When I first started, I looked at it from a completely clinical and practical point of view – how a person with this condition would normally act or how their behavior would be affected by the disorder.”

“From there on, when you build a relationship with the character and start falling in love with him a little bit, then you have to develop a great deal of empathy for the seemingly black or white things, good or bad that you’ve been looking at on paper and thinking: ‘That’s a bad thing’.

“He really made me totally sympathetic to Curtis. I tried to go into that and make sure he was honored. All those decisions he was making came from a painful place and a place that hated himself, in a way. It really made you fall in love with him.”

Is it important to show that Curtis is not evil and that he has a disease?

“Yeah, sure. I was going to read some text and it wouldn’t even be an emotional text from the text, it would literally be just a little white lie that Curtis would tell Emma maybe, and it would make me read it emotionally because he wouldn’t need to lie.”

“It wouldn’t be necessary, but in his head he thought he needed to be liked by others. I felt great sympathy for him. He was a wonderful character to live with for a while.”

Coronation Street, Curtis and Emma


What do you think Curtis made the way it is?

“It comes from a place of neglect and of forming unreal relationships with people in his childhood and this preconceived notion of wanting to feel love — built on really unstable foundations. It comes from a place of regret and the need to manipulate situations. He is lonely.”

“There was a lot that happened to him when he was younger and he saw a light to take advantage of people’s sympathy for him. It was lost.”

Do you think viewers will sympathize with Curtis?

“Yeah, I really hope so. There are two sides to this. One is the side of the story where we want people to get lost in the drama that it’s about. But there’s also the other side of it where we hope to teach people a little bit of empathy, look at it more deeply and realize that it’s not necessarily by choice.

Curtis doesn’t sit there in the morning thinking: ‘What lies am I going to tell today? He is not malicious, he is present in this unconscious need for care and the need for a mother’s love that was absent as a child.

“I really hope people can see beyond the lines and see the human features in Curtis.”

Are Curtis’ feelings for Emma real?

“Yeah, but it’s really difficult. I think he went too deep. I taught him a lot about himself, but it was too late.

“Curtes has done this before with other people but he will leave. He will get what he wants, not consciously, but once he feels this fulfillment, he will feel that the danger is too great to stay away so that he does not have to face anything else.

“With Emma, ​​it was different. I think in Emma, ​​he sees the only chance to be his authentic self and I think she taught him who he was inside. So yeah, it’s definitely true adoration.”

If you have been affected by the issues raised in this story, organizations that can provide support include Samaritans at 116123 (www.samaritans.org(or the mind on 0300123 3393)www.mind.org.uk). Readers in the United States are encouraged to visit Mentalhealth.gov.

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