Coronation Street fans ‘doing’ Roy Cropper’s next move after he ‘walked off the show’

Roy Cropper wrote of Coronation Street after more than two decades of working on the stones.

Café owner Roy’s Rolls has played a pivotal role in some of ITV’s most dramatic and saddest episodes of soap for over 25 years, appearing in thousands of episodes since 1995.

Roy has had another difficult year in Weatherfield, after being involved in a sinkhole collapse last month, and most recently in turmoil after convincing Dad not to kill Cory Brent.

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Roy, as an honest man, had to tell a number of lies to the police, and because of this great effect on his consciousness, he decided to leave the country.

Roy headed to South America, after finding a job catering to conservation workers.

Although many of his loved ones pleaded with him not to go, Roy left the street in a taxi without looking back.

Roy Cropper angry at Coronation Street Café
Roy left the famous cafe behind

At the time of the episode’s airing, ITV didn’t say that this was David Neilson’s last ever appearance, so it’s likely that he’ll return one day.

And it seems that many fans of Cory are sure that Roy will return.

Grovecore wrote on Twitter: “They haven’t used the specials, so Roy will be back.”

Added Priedro 2: “I wonder how long Roy will go”

Hannah Forrest tweeted: “I think the actor is going to take some time. Roy Cropper is Coronation Street”

Other viewers are hoping Roy David Nelson is heading to the “I’m a Celebrity” camp.

One of the women in Coronation Street Facebook fan group wrote: “David is going to the castle?” Another added, “How good is that?!”

Korean co-star Simon Gregson, who plays Steve MacDonald, entered camp in North Wales on Wednesday.

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