Cornwall Tourism Board urges people not to visit after COVID-19 spreads Cornwall

Tourism chiefs urged people not to visit Cornwall Unless they have pre-booked and tested themselves for Covid-19 before, during and after their stay as the county is recording a spike in cases.

Visitors flocked to some parts of the county – notably Newquay, which recently hosted the Boardmasters music and surfing festival – creating a “perfect storm” of fully booked accommodations and crowded guesthouses, which It may be associated with approximately 5,000 cases.

Visiting Cornwall’s chief executive, Malcolm Bell, said tourists should “double their efforts as much as possible” by hand, face, space and strive to stay outdoors.

Cornwall and Devon had an estimated 500 cases or more per 100,000 people in the seven days to August 18, according to health data analyzed by PA Media. The previous week’s figure was less than 300 per 100,000 people.

“We are asking people not to come unless they book in advance and ask them to do a lateral flow test before, during and after their stay so people are safe and help us manage the current rise,” Bell told PA.

About 70,000 people attended Boardmasters, which happened nearly two weeks ago and is believed to be linked to the 4,700 Covid cases that health officials are investigating. Those who have tested positive are spread across the country, but about 800 live in Cornwall, according to public health officials.