COP26 transport chaos averted as union strikes tackle ScotRail

A deal to avoid a train staff strike was finally agreed upon during next week’s COP26 climate conference.

The RMT . Guild had Determined its final negotiating position, calling for a 2.5% wage increase retroactive to April and a “Cop26 boost” for all employees.

A source told daily log.

The announcement came Wednesday evening after talks between the union and transport chiefs.

The union emphasized that the planned industrial strike would be “immediately withdrawn” as members welcomed the recent agreement on a wage increase.

The Scottish government and ScotRail have imposed a 5pm deadline on Wednesday to resolve the dispute over wages and terms.

In a letter sent to union members after Wednesday night’s talks, RMT General Secretary Michael Lynch said: “I can advise you to hold subsequent negotiations and that your union has submitted a counter-offer to ScotRail.

“By accepting the offer, all industrial strikes are now called off and I ask you all to work normally on days when you have been instructed in advance to take action.”

SLP Transport spokesman Neil Baby said: “The eleventh hour deal may help this company save face but it won’t fix the mess they’ve made on our railways.

“Regardless of welcoming the wage deal, it does not cancel out the contempt the SNP has shown to railroad workers over the past two years.

“It’s a shame you risked being embarrassed at COP26 persuading the SNP to give railroad workers the fair pay they deserve.

“Railways in Scotland are not just for COP26. The SNP must now be committed to building a railroad that is truly fit for purpose and to stop reckless cuts to services.”

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