Conviction overturned in 1981, author rape of beautiful bones

On New Year’s Day 1999, eight months before Sebold’s memoirs were published, Broadwater, 38, was released from prison after nearly 16 years behind bars. Now with his conviction overturned, Broadwater will be removed from the sex offender registry, which was added after his sentencing. His placement on the list and his criminal record made it difficult for him to make a living.

“Many doors have been closed to me because of the jobs,” he told reporters outside the court.

“I did what I could do and that was just you know – creating the work for myself doing landscaping, clearing trees, hauling, and cleaning,” Broadwater told CNN.

In 1999, after his release from prison, Broadwater began seeing his now wife, Elizabeth.

“She wanted children,” Broadwater told reporters in court. “I’m not going to bring children into the world because of this.” “And now, we’re past the times. We can’t have children.”

Tell Syracuse Beyond Standard That Elizabeth believes in him, adding, “I told her I wouldn’t stop fighting this cause.”

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