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Conservative Party wins Hungarian opposition race to face Orban in 2022 – Politico

Conservative politician Peter Markie Zay is set to win the race to become the Hungarian opposition’s joint candidate for prime minister, he said early Results Posted late Sunday.

Many supporters of the left and liberal opposition backed Marky Zay, who is currently the mayor of the southern city of Hódmezővásárhely, is hoping he can appeal to undecided Hungarians and voters who have become frustrated with Prime Minister Viktor Orbán and his ruling party Fidesz.

The 49-year-old father defeated MEP Clara Dobrev of the left-wing Liberal Democratic coalition in the run-off as more than 600,000 Hungarians cast their votes in person and online.

With 60 percent of the votes counted, Markie Zay won 58 percent of the vote, while Dobrev got 42 percent. On Sunday evening, MEPs congratulated Markie Zay on his victory.

A diverse group of six opposition parties assembled in an attempt to defeat Orbán, and organized primaries to select joint candidates for both the single-member constituencies and the position of prime minister. The alliance came about due to concerns that Hungary’s current electoral system – designed by Fidesz – made it extremely difficult for opposition political parties to challenge the country’s powerful prime minister if they run separately.

In the second round of the primaries, a host of liberal, left and centrist figures – including Budapest Mayor Gergeli Karaksoni – lined up behind Marke Z., arguing he had the best chance of defeating Orbán.

Speaking to his supporters in Budapest, Marke Zay pledged to work to change Hungary’s political culture and called for the country to unite.

“We want to build a new Hungary,” he said.

Full results are expected later in the evening.

Hungary is expected to hold its next general elections in the spring of 2022.

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