Connor McGregor speaks at UFC 264 after suffering a foot injury to Dustin Poirier.

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Connor McGregor speaks at UFC 264 after suffering a foot injury to Dustin Poirier.

This will be the third match between McGregor and Power.

Stacey Respect / Getty Images

The main event between the fight Connor McGregor And Dustin Poirier UFC 264 Concluding shockingly, McGregor had to endure the fact that in the dying seconds of the first phase, she appears to have a crazy broken leg after being wrapped around her ankle.

It was a round McGregor that was eventually lost after falling out on its feet, and after a failed attempt sank to the ground.

“It’s not over,” McGregor said in a post-fight interview with Joe Rogan. “If I have to go out with it, it’s from outside. I don’t speak “

Dana White said McGregor will undergo surgery on Sunday to deal with Monday’s injury. He said a title fight with current UFC lightweight champion Charles Oliveira was likely for Poe Powers, but he believes a fourth fight between McGregor and Poyre will take place sometime in the future, when McGregor Have recovered from surgery.

Audi Attar, McGregor’s longtime manager, recently said that McGregor had a successful three-hour surgery that repaired a fracture of the tibia and fibula.

“Both doctors are confident that in time they will fully recover,” he said in a statement. “We expect him to return to Octagon.”

Shortly afterwards, McGregor posted a video message on social media.

“Feeling great,” McGregor said. “Six weeks on crutches and we’ll rebuild!”

Find out our blow through each blown account below.

Dustin Powers vs. Connor McGregor


Connor McGregor is at stake in this triangular fight against Dustin Powers.

Jeff Bottari / Zofa LLC via Getty Images

It’s here. The big one. McGregor’s fight This fight couple seems incredibly high, but they always do. Every single fight.

As I mentioned above, this fight is almost impossible to call. I’m choosing McGregor because he seemed to win the last fight until he was. But honestly, it can be just like the last war.

Butterflies were found for this. let’s go.

Round 1

Dude, this is awful. McGregor looks relaxed, as opposed to relaxed, when he does his best. Let’s see how it works.

McGregor’s leg kick is coming out heavy. This battle is being fought fiercely. Fakir somehow clips McGregor and takes him to the ground after trying McGregor’s Guillotine Square. After the barrage of land and pounds the fight goes back to its feet and after the exchange McGregor took his ankle roll

And it looks like his ankle is broken. The doctor calls her. The fight is over.

Great. What a wonderful outcome.

McGregor is angry. He is shouting, “Stop the doctor.”

Regardless of the outcome, McGregor was losing the battle comprehensively. In the end, it was called the Doctor’s Stop Page. Afterwards, Joe Rogan interviewed McGregor while he was sharing his leg. He claimed it was “not over”. But realistically, it’s hard to say when McGregor will return – if he does. Powell cites Karma’s role, given how McGregor stood in the lead.

There was a real toxic atmosphere to the whole scene. It reminded me a lot of Khabib vs. McGregor Fight. It left a bad taste in my mouth.

Dustin Poirier wins on the Doctor’s Stop page

Gilbert Burns vs. Stephen Thompson

I’m really looking forward to it. Stephen Thompson is probably the best technical striker the UFC has ever seen, Gilbert Burns is a Geo Jitsu expert with hammers in his hands. The winner of this fight will definitely get a title shot at some point in the future.

I’m picking up Thomson here. He is one of the toughest, most unique fighters on the roster and has competed against almost everyone in Octagon.

Can’t wait

Round 1

The drinking game can no longer be blogged where whenever I say “karate style” according to Rogan, I take a shot and I’m dead.

Burns is seen trying to get him to the ground, which is smart, but Thompson has a great defense. The earliest part of this era is happening on the fence. Neither is really good for a fighter.

And of course the crowd is growing.

But wow – surprise – Burns found it on the ground. It could steal the round and make Thomson a little more hesitant than his world-class kicks.

Wonderby finally got back on his feet, but here’s a strong era for Burns.

CNET beat Burns’ L10 10-9

Round 2

A terrifying second round fought over hair stimulation. Really hard to score. Thompson came on foot to control the fight, but Burns snatched a field in the last thirty seconds, allowing him to steal the round. Hard to say. I think Thompson, but who knows.

CNET beat Thomson 10-9

Round 3

Good start for Thomson, with a straight top from the top.

Wow … Thompson clipped him with a sweet whale kick that almost knocked B off his feet. unreal. Thought our work might be over, but Burns appears to be fine. Now he has a Thomson mat. Can Thompson get back on his feet? His time here is over and now Burns has side control. This makes Thomson feel bad.

CNET beat Burns 10-10-9 and Burns 29-28 overall.

Official decision: Gilbert Burns defeated Stephen Thompson by decision (29-28 on all three scorecards)

Tai Tovasa vs. Greg Hardy

Oh man, nothing like the heavyweight Slobarker Conker. Tai Tuwasa is famous for its sneakers (a shoe is a time when you drink beer from a stranger’s shoe after a stranger spit in it – yes, I know, overall). Greg Hardy is notorious as a former NFL player with a tainted history. Many are divided over whether he should fight in the UFC at all.

This battle should be an absolute chaos. Toivasa is explosive and loose and interesting to look at, I’m choosing it to perform tonight.

Round 1

Sir, the girls with Tai Tovasa spice came forward. This is the best entry I have ever seen in my life. Please win Tai I am begging you.

Great. What a wild minute of a fight. Tessa came out, cutting off her legs. Hardy retreated with a thunderous shot and always scolded Tovasa, but when Hardy comes to an end he gets it right. Melt Incredible scenes by counter left hook. Tovasa climbed on the cage and straightened up for the girl with the shoes. Amazing as long as this fight continues.

Tai Tovasa won the VA KO in the first round

Irene Aldana vs. Yana Kontskaya


Aldana came out victorious.

Mike Roach / Cave LLC for Getty Images

It’s a big fight for the women’s buntweight division, between its two top contenders. Interestingly, Aldana is coming Bad When he needed to hit 136, the weight loss came down to 139.5 pounds. Will this fight be affected? Historically, fighters who lose weight have an advantage, but sometimes the struggle to lose weight can have a huge impact on ability. Let’s see what happens. I’m choosing Knitskaya.

Round 1

Kontskaya has been throwing heat from the start, kicking big legs. She is moving aggressively and is really looking for him. But once Aldana settled down, she began to land in large punches, including a body that really affected Knitsky.

And then all of a sudden Aldana Cracks Kontskaya is carrying a heavy counter check hook that knocks Kontskaya out. She tries to defend herself from Apex, but eventually Aldana climbs to the top and, after the bombing of Kanetskaya, she struggles to defend herself. It’s over.

Irene Aldana won the first round through TKO

Sean O’Malley vs. Chris Matinho


Sean O’Malley won by a landslide.

Getty Images via Jeff Bottari / Zofa LLC / Zofa LLC

If you’re new to “Suga” Sean O’Malley, take care of yourself. He is one of the rising stars in the UFC and one of the most interesting entertainers on the roster. There is a reason to open this card.

Unfortunately, his main opponent, Louis Smolka, was removed from the fight due to a staph infection. The alternate fighter, Chris Moutinho, does not represent any such resemblance. He is a last minute substitute and not strong. It will be Wild Worried if Omali lost the war, but strange things happened at the UFC.

Round 1

Mutanho was trying to grab Omli by the legs. But it seems that Omli is coming down at his own pace, checking the front kick, the precision jabs, the street. Just an incredible percentage. At one point O’Malley hurt him and he was … pretending to play basketball was incredible.

But Matinho’s ability to absorb losses and move on has caused some problems for O’Malley. That said, O’Malley provoked him in the last second of the round. One more minute he was out.

Surprisingly, O’Malley broke the bantamweight record for most strikes in the round.

CNET scored 10-8 for O’Malley

Round 2

O’Malley can’t remember and Moutinho is one of the crazy pins I’ve seen in a fight. she is even now Moving forward is crazy. Omala’s shots seem to have lost their luster. This boy is fighting like his last day on earth. It’s wild that he’s still here to take these shots.

Omali is coming down with an accuracy rate of 84%. Anderson Silva’s level is here. But Matheno is still there.

CNET scored 10-9 for O’Malley

Round 3

Another crazy round where Matinho only marched through shots and O’Malley landed voluntarily with just accurate, clean shots. Again, I never saw that.

Eventually, Herb Dean ended it. There were some exchanges in Omala where they were really getting away with every strike you could imagine – knees, thrusts, kicks.

Truth be told, I’d love to see it continue. Regardless, wild fighting. O’Malley fired incredible shots at an incredible rate and Moutinho picked it all up.

Sean O’Malley won the third round through TKO

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