Congress rushes to avoid shutdown Friday night as Democrats announce plan to fund government in February

House Appropriations Committee Chair Rosa DeLauro, a Democrat from Connecticut, announced the latest plan, which will run through February 18, and the House is expected to vote as soon as Thursday, though the real issue of fast-track is in the House of Representatives. The elders. The only way to avoid a shutdown is for all 100 senators to agree to a vote before the deadline, and some Republican senators have threatened to block the bill regarding President Joe Biden’s vaccine mandates.

While lawmakers are confident that they will eventually be able to prevent a prolonged shutdown, a short shutdown over the weekend, or an extension into next week, is still a possibility.

“To increase pressure for an inclusive unity, the commercial registry does not include any changes to existing funding or policy (the anomaly),” DeLauro said in the announcement. “However, the Democrats have triumphed in including $7 billion for Afghanistan evacuees. The expiry date is February 18. And while I would have liked it earlier, this agreement allows the appropriations process to move toward a definitive funding agreement that meets the needs of the American people. “

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