Community center on Norwich Road launches art gallery

7:00 PM on November 25, 2021

The Hive, a new community center on Norwich Road in Ipswich, will host an art exhibition showcasing the work of a young Portuguese artist.

Federico Ramos, 18, will display a range of photo-realistic photos and drawings in his first solo exhibition.

Attendees can meet the artist as well as have a look around A new community center that will be an open space for alland hosting workshops, events and activities for local individuals and organizations in the coming weeks.

Presenting his work, Frederico said: “I feel a bit excited and nervous at the same time because it’s my first solo exhibition.

“I want people to enjoy my work and feel excited about it. I hope people will look deeply into it and feel connected.”

The Frederico Gallery will start on Saturday from 1.30pm to 5pm. His artwork will then be shown at Hive for three weeks, ending with a pop-up print show.

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