Commercial EV company Anaheim – TechCrunch arrives to build electric buses

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Commercial EV company Anaheim – TechCrunch arrives to build electric buses

Transportation, a commercial electric vehicle company that is shaking up a traditional auto production line with AI-powered micro-factories, has been selected to build electric buses for Anaheim, California.

The Federal Transportation Administration awarded Anaheim a 2 million grant in 2019, and on Thursday the city’s transportation network announced plans to partner with Advent to achieve its goal of running California’s first all-electric bus fleet by 2025. Announced

The UK-based company said Anaheim, which provides transit services to and from Disneyland and other local attractions, would be the first user of its lightweight battery bus. Arrivals will begin with five 40-foot buses, but requests for more information on when the buses will start and when the fleet is expected to increase further were not answered.

Buses for Anaheim will be built at the first US micro-factory in Rock Hill, South Carolina. The second micro-factory to arrive is in Charlotte, North Carolina, but the start-up aims to have 31 micro-factories nationwide by the end of 2024.

Arrival partnerships with the Anaheim Transportation Network also include manpower development programs, according to an EV company statement. Local community colleges with electrical and mechanical engineering programs will be able to offer internships to eligible students to gain experience with zero-emission transportation.

“Arrival will change the face of public transportation after the bus hits the roads,” said Mike Ebelson, CEO of Arrival Automotive. “Our first order from an American transit operator is just beginning.”

Arrivals, which have recently become commonplace through the integration of SPAC, already have a number of partnerships. Last year, it signed an agreement with UPS to issue preliminary orders for 10,000 electric transmission vehicles by 2024. In May, the company partnered with Uber to build a purpose-built EV for the ride, and just last week the company announced the launch of LizPlan 3, a Dutch “car service” company. 000 EV initial order.

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