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Comment: How new features in iOS 15 helped when my iPhone 12 was stolen

Over the past few weeks, 9to5MaC describes how criminals in Brazil are stealing people’s phones and using them to save the user in just a moment. Over the weekend, my iPhone 12 was stolen, but iOS 15 and many other precautions were very helpful and ensured that the situation was not as bad as it could have been.

The biggest feature available on iOS 15 is to make the iPhone searchable even after turning off the phone or factory reset as long as the activation lock is enabled. Turns out, it really works in real life, because I still have access to the location of the iPhone even though I’ve factory reset it.

Although it’s up to the police to do something, at least I can safely find out where the iPhone 12 is, even though I’m not going to do anything myself. With it, restoring your old new iPhone, an XS backup is easier than ever.

Not only does this mean that I can get all my data back safely, but I can easily repair an Apple Watch without losing my cellular data.

Now, I want to tell you some precautionary measures before theft and then what I did:

How to protect your phone before it is stolen

For many of you, as I thought it was for me, I can’t imagine anyone threatening you with a gun and calling for your unlocked phone. It happened, but here’s what I did before it happened:

  • پن سم: In Brazil, we discovered that the first thing pirates have to do is use your phone’s SIM with another phone, because you can find out more here. So don’t forget to create a PIN for your SIM. In “Settings” and “Cellular” make sure you have a four-digit PIN, so no one uses your SIM after turning off your phone or when it enters another smartphone. can do.
  • Protect your email accounts: I like the Mail app, but not on my iPhone. That’s why I use the Outlook app because it blocks the app from my face so that no one can easily identify my Apple.
  • Check out your photo gallery: Type “card” and “credit card” into the search bar of your Photos app. If it happens that you have a credit card, please remove it.
  • Check out your Notes app: Believe it or not, many people save their passwords on the Notes app. If you do, at least block the note from your face. Here’s how to do it
  • Face ID / Touch ID is your best friend: If the app lets you block your fingerprint or face, do so. Some examples: WhatsApp, Google Drive, Bank apps, and 2FA apps let you block them from your face.
  • Save the serial number and IMEI: This is both important information. Both are available in your iPhone box, in iPhone settings, or in iCloud. If anything, Apple and the police will know from these numbers if the cell phone has been stolen.
  • Use 2FA apps that don’t SMS: These days, two-factor authentication is really important, but using your cell phone number as a central element is not a good idea. Whenever you can, use the appropriate app.

My go to two element verification apps were used by Google and Microsoft, but since I downloaded “authentic” 2 stable, I never regret it. It works well with all my Apple devices, which means that with my Apple Watch, I was able to access my friend’s computer and find my 2FA codes from my watch. My suggestion: Find a 2FA app that works on all of your Apple devices, like this one. You can find out more about it here.

IPhone Theft: What to Do Now?

سیٹ اپ استعمال ہوا تو آئی فون 15 کی نئی خصوصیات نے کس طرح مدد کی؟

From here, it becomes a standard procedure: factory reset your phone as soon as possible. You can use another Apple device or iCloud to do this. Learn more about it.

Factory resetting your phone also removes all cards from the wallet. Also, don’t forget to call the police and your bank to remove your virtual token.

Next, just as a precaution, don’t forget to change all your important passwords: Apple ID, Central Email, Facebook and Twitter.

If you live in selected states in the United States, it would be a good idea to look at the Apple Care + theft and loss option. After filing a case with the police, you pay a fee, and you can get a new iPhone. This feature was introduced in 2018, and I wish Apple expanded it globally, because in order to use this concierge you need to return to these states.


I hope these tips are helpful if you find yourself in a similar situation. I’m fine, I’m not harmed, and my accounts are safe. Don’t forget to upgrade your phone to iOS 15 as soon as it’s available. In fact, always update your iPhone and apps to make sure.

Do you have any additional points? Be sure to share them with us in the comments section below.

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