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Command Chains – Parent Browser Snapshot 2350.3

Today’s Snapshot introduces a new feature that lets you combine multiple commands together and issue them consistently via quick commands, keyboard shortcuts or mouse gestures. ۔

Command chains

Command chain is a group of executed commands in a sequence. You can then trigger the series with quick commands, or assign a custom keyboard shortcut or mouse pointer to China.

Chains allow you to perform many commonly used actions at the same time, instead of memorizing and releasing multiple shortcuts in a row. An instant example of this would be changing the full screen and reader mode, maximizing your attention and reading experience.

There is a lot of power here and we are really interested to know what kind of chains you bring to smooth your workflow. Share your ideas for useful chains in the comments below. To set up new chains, go to “Settings → Quick Commands → Command Chains”. Note that in some cases, delaying the execution of a particular command may be beneficial, which is why we’ve included the sleep / delay command with a fixed time (in milliseconds). If you want custom shortcuts or mouse pointers for your chains, go to “Settings → Keyboard” and “Settings → Mouse”, respectively.

Known issues

  • If you used Sync in an earlier snapshot based on Chromium 92 (either desktop or Android), it may have created entries in the corrupted bookmark or note and you need to clear the server data Will be needed. Affected users will have a sync crash when logging out and trying to log in again.
  • [Quick Commands] Chains are not known by their names: but can be found by searching for “command” (VB-81396).
  • [Quick Commands] Chains do not show their user keyboard shortcuts defined (VB-81397)

Downloads (2350.3)


  • [New] User Sure Command Chain (VB-41414)
  • [Autoupdate] Show cause of update errors (VB-81359)
  • [Crash] After restoring a tab where the one page process was applied (VB-81178)
  • [Crash] Popup windows hangs browser in guest window (VB-80428)
  • [Developer Tools][Keyboard] When opened by a shortcut in the popup, it hangs in the main window instead of the popup (VB-81142)
  • [Downloads] The file name is encoded in UTF-8 (VB-54162)
  • [macOS][Windows] AAC audio fails in embedded videos after Chromium 92 upgrade (VB-81058)
  • [Sync][Notes] Synchronization needs to be disabled due to issues following the Chromium Update (VB-81331).
  • [Tabs] Double click on the accordion to keep it open (VB-81334)
  • [Tabs] Make it easy to fold / follow Scardin tab stacks (VB-41386)

Mail, Calendar and Channels for RSS Beta

  • [Calendar][Menus] Copy link URL from Edit pane that fails in context menu (VB-77377)
  • [Calendar] Event without time marked as all day (VB-81037)
  • [Calendar] Google Tasks should be synchronized with date and time correctly (VB-81072)
  • [Calendar] Wrong time in tooltip for tasks (VB-81157)
  • [Calendar] New line in event title when creating events using keyboard (VB-81250)
  • [Calendar] Newly developed task per day is one day late (VB-81207)
  • [Feeds] Adding feeds from two sources with the same title shows them in the same feed (VB-80876)
  • [Mail] Message action icons in the top right corner of the Operap search field in the scaled window (VB-70096)
  • [Mail] Message body does not appear when new mail notification is clicked (VB-81226)
  • [Mail] Import from M2 fails if contact or order not found (VB-81320)

Image courtesy of Valdi Meyer

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