Coming to Google MUM Lens.

Google has announced that its next generation super algorithm MUM is coming to its Google Lens product. It fulfills the promise of MUM which allows the user to search not only with text but also with images.

The event will impress information publishers and could be a boon for e-commerce companies as a major new sales channel if more and more users use Google Lens.

Google Lens

Google Lens is Google’s image search app for Android and iOS. It allows users to complete multiple image-based search tasks.

The usual Google Lens task.

  • Scan text including phone number and event details to add to calendar.
  • Translate text
  • Copy and send text.
  • Identify plants and animals.
  • Find similar products.


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The product search function is important because it allows online merchants to display their products in Google Lens.

Google released a new eCommerce Best Practice SEO Guide on September 28 that highlights Google Lens.

Google Lens
If you want your products to appear in Google Lens search results, make sure your product details are uploaded to the Google Merchant Center, choose a free product listing, and follow Google Image Best Practices. Do

Google MUM Algorithm

Google’s MUM algorithm allows users to perform complex searches that are usually unanswered by traditional search queries.

An important innovation in MUM is that it can take images as input instead of keywords.


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So instead of just searching with keywords, the searcher can search with an image.

It is important to note that the algorithm is not limited to finding answers in just one language. Google’s MUM algorithm can find a complex answer in many popular languages ​​to show the most helpful answer.

Google MUM is coming to Google Lens.

Not surprisingly, Google is coming to the MUM lens product, it is a natural fit and it was necessary to integrate the MUM algorithm into Google Lens.

As of today Announcement:

MUM, our latest AI model, is coming to #GoogleLens early next year. You can take a picture and ask a question, which can be helpful in those moments when you need to fix the broken part and you have no idea what it is.

The announcement was tweeted along with an animated GIF in which a man was photographing a section of the bicycle and typing the words “how to fix” in the search box next to it.

There is no exact date when it comes to Google MUM lenses.

Coming early in MUM 2022.


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This will be the first large-scale implementation of the new technology and can be seen as an opening process for wider implementation, with the final application reaching Google’s search box.

Google has been conservative about how MUM will be implemented and has made it clear that any implementation of this technology will respect publishers.

Fear of publisher Google MUM.

Some publishers do not trust Google and fear that MUM will use their information and not send them traffic just by displaying the information.

This situation where Google displays publisher information without sending traffic is called zero click search.


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Google MUM does not return results in zero click search.

This implementation of MUM does not reveal publisher information without attribution. The animated GIF with the announcement clearly shows that the searcher is looking for information and has been sent directly to a website.

Screenshot of Google MUM search.


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This should be good news for publishers who are concerned about how Google uses its webpage information.

Google Lens and Shopping

In addition, the addition of MUM should be good news for e-commerce publishers who will continue to bring their products to the forefront in the new Google Lens search experience.

As mentioned earlier, if more users use Google Lens because of MUM, it may mean that there are more users using Lens for shopping.

Animated GIF makes the new MUM experience clear that shopping is a priority.

Screenshot showing the Google Lens search experience.

MUM prefers lens purchase.

Google MUM comes on Google Lens.

This introduction to MUM is very important. This indicates a future version of the search that has begun to be devoid of keyword-based question boxes and is moving towards a sample of assistants that can help people work. Is.


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