Comic-Con picks Wonder Woman for third inductee into Museum Hall of Fame

A cosplayer as Wonder Woman at Comic-Con. Photo by Chris Stone

Wonder Woman will join PAC-MAN and Batman as the third recruit in Comic Con MuseumPersonality Hall of Fame.

“Her incredible 80-year legacy and influence on popular arts and culture is undeniable, and may be more relevant today than at any time in its long, glorified history,” said Comic-Con’s David Glanzer.

Comic-Con Wonder Woman has been described as an Amazon princess who embodies the strength and power of the female spirit.

“She has become a global symbol of truth, justice and equality,” the museum said in a statement. “She has been leading indie comedies since the 1940s, and using her famous magic rope, she would go on to capture the hearts of countless fans through her successful 1970s television series as well as her roles in animated shows and films.”

The museum pointed out that the 2017 film amazing woman Directed by Patty Jenkins and starring Gal Gadot, it was the largest live action movie ever by a solo female director at the time of release.

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