Comedian John Bishop is involved in a car accident while trying to avoid a derailment

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Comedian John Bishop is involved in a car accident while trying to avoid a derailment

Comedian John Bishop was involved in a car accident after trying to avoid a car swerve.

The funnyman in Liverpool revealed that he had an accident while driving on a ferry.

John said he crashed while trying to get away from another vehicle that was swerving to avoid a “big chicken”.

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Fortunately, he said there were no injuries, but he posted pictures of his damaged car.

John thanked the police in Wales who helped him in the aftermath of the accident, and took pictures with two officers.

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On his Instagram page, John said: “I was driving the ferry to Ireland when something happened!!

To avoid a car that was swerving to avoid a ‘big chicken’ as it passed me I ended up like this

“No one was hurt thanks to landrover_uk being great and no traffic coming in.

“I missed my ferry, but I rode on a later ride thanks to James and Tony from @dyfedpowyspolice.

“It’s amazing how helpful people can be when you need them and thanks to the other drivers for staying including Andrew who I unfortunately think hit the ‘big chicken’ anyway.”

John poses for a photo with the police officers

Dyfed-Powys Police responded to the post with, “Hi John, Glad you arrived safely, take care of yourself!”

While fans were relieved that he was unharmed.

Someone said, “John, what’s wrong with the passenger window? Glad you’re okay, sir!”

Another said, “Ouch! At least you’re okay, John! Cars can be fixed or replaced xxxx.”


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