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Come Dancing’s Adam Petty and Katya Jones spark curse rumors as fans spot ‘Kiss’

Come Dancing viewers became convinced that Adam Petty turned up to kiss dance partner Katya at the end of their routine.

The Olympic swimmer, 26, was dancing the Argentine tango with his partner Katia Jones on Saturday night as the hit show returns to the BBC One.

The pair sparked rumors about strictly Cursing beating between spectators at home.

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At the end of their dance routine, Adam leaned his lips close to Katya as he dunked her onto the floor. But viewers thought they spotted him entering another kiss while the two of them stood up again.

Viewers at home immediately took to Twitter To comment on the “emotional” moment.

They said it looks like he forgot he was on TV.

Wes and Pete wrote: “Adam was going to have a celebratory kiss – then realize it’s all on TV. Man, the passion! Not sure I’d let Wes Lee on this show, even if they had a strictly #thecurseofstrictly #StrictlyComeDancing”

Viewers were totally convinced that the pair almost kissed at the end of their dance

This girl from Essex said: “Does anyone else think Adam got into a kiss and then realized he was on camera?!

And Carly agreed, “Jheeze wanted to kiss her at last!!

Suze wrote: “Adam almost kissed Katya and then remembered he was on TV..?!

Sarah Golding: She said, “Oh my God… a close kiss! #Strictly #ComeDance”

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Anna added, “Adam was about to kiss Katya but quickly realized that they were both live on TV!

lucyloo wrote: “#adampeaty was so going for the kiss before he stopped himself #StrictlyComeDancing #strictly”

mr_cbraw said: “It looked like Adam would kiss Katya at the end of that dance!

PKaur added, “I rewrapped it… they looked like they were going for a kiss and walked away! #scd #StrictlyComeDancing #strictly”

Adam with his girlfriend Iriand Munro, whom he met at Loughborough University.

In April 2020, it was announced that the couple were expecting a baby boy.

Katya married her boyfriend of five years, Neil Jones, a dancer and fellow Strictly Come Dancing member, in 2013.


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