Columbus Day Parade attendees upset over controversial final verdict on Marconi Plaza statue – CBS Philly

Philadelphia (CBS) – It’s a colorful tradition. The Columbus Day Parade made its way to Broad Street on Sunday.

What’s next for the filled statue of Christopher Columbus was looming large above the crowd.

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“This is our Italian heritage,” said one of the women.

A sea of ​​hundreds dressed in red, white and green lined Broad Street in celebration of Columbus Day.

“It shows that Italians are together and that we are here for everyone,” said Stephen Lauer, show coordinator. “This is a variety show. We have a lot of diverse groups and that’s what we want.”

The parade ended at the statue of Columbus in Marconi Plaza.

The statue is now involved in a legal tug of war.

Late Saturday night, Commonwealth courts overturned a lower court’s decision to disclose the fund.

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“It’s an insult, it’s an insult to every Italian American, to have this statue surrounded like that,” said Lou Barletta, who is running for governor of Pennsylvania.

Police erected barricades around the statue to prevent anyone from taking action of their own. Supporters hope that both the barricades and the box will be brought down.

“I was offended because they were offended,” said Rosary Casciello, a local. “How about that, how about that?”

Mayor Jim Kenny issued a statement on Twitter saying he was grateful for the court’s review. He previously tweeted that removing the plywood this weekend would pose a serious public safety risk.

One woman said, “It should be removed, it should not even be lifted just for what it has done, and it should not be raised at all.”

Opponents who refer to the day as Indigenous Peoples’ Day point to the persecution of Native Americans as a reason not to celebrate Columbus.

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“Do you really want someone like this to represent your culture knowing what he’s done to so many people?” She asked.


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