Colorado’s congressional delegation is still fighting for space leadership

Members of the Congressional delegation in Colorado are still struggling to ensure that not a single cent is spent on the move yet.

Doug Lampron And I passed an amendment to the House version of the National Defense Authorization Act, which, if continued through the convention committee, would prohibit [Department of Defense] of spending any money to begin the process of moving Space Command, pending the outcome of both investigations. This underscores the importance of ensuring that nothing is done, and none of that movement occurs, until those investigations are completed,” the congressman said. Jason CroweD., a Democrat who represents Colorado’s 6th congressional district, said during a news conference Oct. Lambourne, a Republican, represents El Paso District in Congress.

The Government Accountability Office and the Inspector General of the Ministry of Defense Currently investigating whether the decision to choose Huntsville, Alabama, rather than Colorado as the permanent headquarters for Space Command, was made in an appropriate manner.

“The department has told us that results are expected sometime in the spring of 2022,” Crowe noted.

Since the Air Force announced in January that Redstone Arsenal It would become the permanent headquarters for Space Command, and Colorado Democrats and Republicans alike have asserted that the move was Trump’s way of rewarding a dark red nation that supported him during his presidency. Although the federal government said the Trump administration’s decision was based on an objective assessment, the inspector general announced an investigation in February, and the Government Accountability Office launched its own investigation in March.

Claims of objectivity were undermined when Trump recently admitted that it was his call to choose Alabama as the permanent home of the Space Command; Temporarily located in Peterson Air Force Base In Colorado Springs since 2019.

“I said on my own, ‘Let’s go to Alabama,'” Trump said in an August appearance on a talk show in Alabama. While Alabama won Trump’s choice of permanent headquarters for Space Command, Fighter Command will remain at Peterson, now known as Peterson Space Force Base, for at least another four years.

Crowe, Lambourne, and other members of the Congressional delegation in Colorado are pushing hard to reverse the Space Command’s decision.

“Colorado is where the work of the nation comes together. It is the link between the national security space operations of the intelligence community and the Department of Defense, which is why, from a national security perspective, Colorado is by far the most strategic option for enduring security. The headquarters of the US Space Command” Senator Michael Bennett, a Democrat, in an Oct. 18 call.

No wonder members of Congress in Colorado are pushing hard, because space leadership will create 1,400 jobs and create an economic impact of more than $1 billion annually, according to the metro denver economic development company. And that financial estimate does not include the initial capital investments that will generate more money for builders and other businesses, not to mention a lot of contracts for nearby airlines.

Last week, Crowe, Bennett and Lambourne toured Peterson and shriver Space Forces bases, both located in El Paso County, plus Buckley space base in Aurora.

“When the threats and competition that I was learning about from countries like China and Russia in space continued to grow in a dramatic way, the last thing we could tolerate was squandering time, talent, or taxpayer money. The space assets of the intelligence community that we have already paid for, and built Indeed, it is creating an ecosystem that no other country can compete with.

A major selling point for permanently positioning Space Command in Colorado Springs is that the Department of Defense has invested $20 million in communications infrastructure connecting bases in the city over the past 15 years. Such infrastructure must be built in Alabama if Space Command is to relocate there permanently, the defenders of the headquarters in Colorado point out.

Space Command . is often confused with Space Force, but they are not the same thing. Space Command, previously in existence from 1985 to 2002, is the United States’ 11th War Command, an organizational unit that brings together branches of the military to focus on a single region, such as Africa, or one aspect of defense, such as the cyber world.

The Space Force, on the other hand, is one of the eight regular service branches of the US military, such as the US Army or the Navy. The Space Force, a creation of the Trump administration, resides within the US Air Force, just as the US Marine Corps resides within the US Navy.


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