Colorado, Virginia are following California’s lead in enacting data privacy laws

The Colorado Automobile Dealers Association is working to understand what the new law will mean for state auto retailers, including to what extent dealerships must comply or be exempt, what information is covered and what procedures will be required, Matthew Groves said, the association’s vice president Legal, Regulatory and Compliance Affairs.

The association will provide training before the law takes effect, though agents must start evaluating data now, including information they share with outside vendors, Groves said.

Tell compliance experts and lawyers who specialize in data privacy Car News The upcoming details about how the laws are interpreted and enforced in states will likely provide more clarity about their potential impact.

Efforts to enact privacy laws at the state level are gaining traction. The International Association of Privacy Professionals, a membership association that tracks state legislation, has noted an increasing number of states with bills under consideration in recent years. Aside from California, Virginia and Colorado, which have passed laws, at least 20 states had legislation on the table this year, According to the association tracking.

“The fact that there are nuances in these state laws is what is driving the industry to demand and increasingly demand a federal privacy law because no one these days is working in the corners of a single state,” said Caitlin Venessy, senior knowledge for the association. officer.

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