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Colorado Governor Jared Polis’ Animal Friendly Wedding Suit

Colorado Governor Jared Polis and first man Marlon Reese worked with Machete & Sons in Denver to design vegan tuxedos for their September 15, 2021 wedding. The apparel replaced animal products traditionally used in menswear, such as wool, silk, and goat hair, for other materials such as high-tech polyester fabric and rayon. (Provided by Machete & Sons)

Colorado Governor Jared Polis, the nation’s first gay man to be elected to this position, and his fiancée Marlon Reese Wednesday draw in Boulder during a traditional Jewish ceremony, dressed in elegant vegan suits created by a Denver-based designer.

A.J. Machete, co-owner of Machete & Sons, worked with the couple to design custom tuxedos that fit the style of the 1920s and ’30s. With straight, crisp lines, Machete said the pants were paired with collared jackets that feature a high collar and jackets with Art Deco-inspired details on the cuffs.

One of the unique aspects of tuxedos is that they are vegan, to go with it Reese’s vegan lifestyle And work as an animal rights advocate. According to Machete, many traditional men’s clothing are made from animal products.

“Almost all the suits are made of wool. The inner fabrics that give them a structure are often made of goat or horse hair. Buttons are mostly made of buffalo horns or shells,” Machiti said. “Other things like threads are made of silk and even thread wax is often made.” What is beeswax used for.”

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