Colombian teenagers guide birds to raise awareness.

Jacob Randon knows dozens of birds by name and grew up drawing them.

Jacob Randon, 14, embarked on a mission to see, count and record birds in March 2020 with his pathologist in El Carmen de Vibral, Colombia. Working with binoculars and a borrowed camera, he thought it might be a good science fair.

He hopes the guide will encourage others to follow the example of birds and help them – “especially young people, because we are the ones who will be here in the years to come.” . ”

The project recently recognized Randon as one of the winners of the 2021 International Young Eco Hero from the non-profit organization Action for Nature. For “given.

The response has been overwhelming.

After her online video was published, donations were collected with encouraging messages from strangers around the world, and a nature photographer gave her time to give her a free lesson.

When Randon offered to raise money for the project, he was kept in commissions for months. In just a few weeks, he brought in more than 1,000 to buy his first camera, color markers and other materials.

“People support these projects, it shows that people are generous, that they want to invest in the environment, that they can move to young people like me and encourage them to donate,” he said. ۔

Randon knows dozens of birds by name and grew up drawing them after school. In a video interview from a distance, he proudly shook the scientific names of several of them and showed some of his favorite examples, including the first guide entry ایک a flaming tanger اور and a second. A bird hawk.

Randon’s mother, Johanna Reyes Herrera, said she was proud of her work in raising awareness in the world’s most biological countries.

“It’s been our home, our family’s goal – to be able to serve the community,” said Herrera. “The fact that he’s doing it, and the way he’s doing it, makes his father and I very happy.”


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