Colds and other common viruses return to Rochester during the summer months

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Colds and other common viruses return to Rochester during the summer months

Currently, Dr. Walsh said, the effect is mainly in children.

“We are now beginning to see a resurgence of this virus at a national level, which usually occurs around Thanksgiving and ends around Easter,” Dr. Walsh said. “It’s a fairly heavy activity now in Tennessee, it started in Baltimore and we see it here in Rochester.”

Pharmacists said it’s important for parents to think about the future this year.

“We’ve had two babies recently over the past two weeks,” said pediatric pharmacist Justin Jobson of Rochester General Hospital.

For the vast majority of kids who get sick, Jobson said, it shouldn’t be a big concern, but he said there are some treatments to protect your kids.

“Supportive care, making sure they’re drinking enough if they’re really young and are breast-feeding or breastfeeding, that they’re still feeding at regular intervals and their appetite hasn’t decreased, so that needs to be monitored closely,” Jobson said.

He also said if your children have asthma, the virus could trigger an asthma attack and it’s important to make sure you or your child has their inhaler on at all times.

Meanwhile, Dr. Walsh said the search for respiratory viruses will continue on a case-by-case basis, and if you are concerned find your provider immediately.

“It creates a real dilemma,” Dr. Walsh said. “The dilemma is, ‘How do you know these kids don’t get COVID? “So the level of anxiety it might cause is more than just a typical cold.”

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