Colbert on Mark Meadows’ new book: “Happy to Undercut Democracy, But He Won’t Swear” | Late night TV tour

Stephen Colbert

Although he did his best to avoid being mentioned by name, Stephen Colbert couldn’t ignore the recent revelations about Donald Trump on Wednesday night, thanks to another book by a former employee, first published in the Guardian. The most recent one, Chief of Staff by former Chief of Staff Mark Meadows, tells how the former chief Tested positive for Covid Three days before his first debate with Joe Biden in September 2020.

Meadows, a devout Christian who describes himself as not swearing, writes in his book that Trump’s response to a positive test “was said, ‘Hey spit, you should truck me out.'” “

“Meadows, of course, is happy to undermine democracy, but he will not swear,” Colbert said, explaining the title of his book: I Am A Piece of Oil With My Nose Spanked. “

Meadows claims Trump tested negative later and continued as usual, while the chief of staff instructed everyone in the president’s immediate circle to treat him as if he were positive. “So don’t touch it, don’t go near it, avoid it unless absolutely necessary — a strategy the CDC calls ‘melania,'” Colbert quipped.

Trump was not tested before the debate because he arrived late and, according to Meadows, the organizers relied on the honors system. “How can you rely on the Honor System knowing that it doesn’t have any of it?!” Colbert asked. “It’s like meeting Vladimir Putin and relying on the shirt system.”

So why did Meadows let the debate go on? According to him, Trump simply looked better by the day of the debate – “his face, for the most part at least, has regained its usual light bronze color.”

“A lighter bronze—maybe healthier, maybe maybe Maybelline,” Colbert said. “It’s Maybelline.”

Jimmy Kimmel

Jimmy Kimmel also mocked Fox News’ reliance on Covid’s honor system during a September 2020 discussion. “You can also rely on the Dewey decimal system,” he said. Have you met Donald Trump? “You promise to be negative, the man who runs a fake university?” Of course, Harry wanted typhoid to discuss anyway.”

Trump issued a statement on Wednesday refuting Meadows’ story as “fake news.”

Kimmel continued that the denial was “especially funny,” because Trump celebrated the book’s October announcement with different sentiments: “Mark Meadows, our chief of staff during some very exciting White House years, wrote a new book titled President,” he wrote in a statement alongside With several lines promoting the book as an “incredible birthday gift”.

“After two months, Mark Meadows has become an idiot and this is fake news,” Kimmel noted. “Do the math on Covid: That means Trump had it at that little party he threw for Judge Amy Connie Barrett, and then at least eight people tested positive who were there. I wonder who they got? I wonder whose little hand they all shook hands at that party.” ?

“The only shocking thing about any of this is that anyone would be shocked by this,” he added. “Of course he didn’t tell the Gold Star families, the Supreme Court and Joe Biden he was positive.”

Trevor Noah

On the Daily Show, Trevor Noah He responded to news of Trump’s positive test before participating in the 2020 debate anyway, “which on the one hand is incredibly irresponsible and dangerous,” he said. “But on the other hand, he was very connected.

“I mean, that’s why you get second opinions, right?” He completed. “One doctor tells you you’re very sick and you don’t have much time, but another doctor says, ‘You look good, man, you should go to Miami! “I mean, you’re going with that doctor.”

As for Trump attending a debate with Joe Biden, whose age has made him particularly vulnerable to Covid: “I’m not saying Trump was trying to assassinate Joe Biden, but he certainly didn’t do everything in his power to avoid it,” Noah said.

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