Coding Font Game | CSS Trucks

A tournament bracket UI where you choose your favorite between two coding fonts and your choice is passed on to the final winner. A smart way to get rid of your taste buds and reach a choice.

(PS We have our own small coding fonts website to showcase some high quality favorites.)

Venting Zhang documented in a newsletter that he made it with Retool, meaning he had to write very little code directly, and used pre-made components instead. It’s like Retool’s point. It’s like a UI library that has existing components to make things faster, but it does take an extra journey to connect to your own data.

Five years ago, if I wanted to make this coding font game, I would have to spend days or weeks manually coding it in React or other framework. But since then, I haven’t discovered any code and low code apps that are basically a library of pre-existing information or functional things. They can be powered by a database or API, and the interaction layer is standard, often with minimal requirements.

The two bits of common code in this post look pretty complicated. So, in this case, it’s a “low code” thing where those bits of code are really included in the basic functionality and experience, but the rest of the unusual and boiler plate code is avoided. I feel compelled. After all, the whole “game” is one. <iframe> Pointing to the Retool widget item.

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