Climate Summit Leaders Rescue Journey with a joint statement that Scotland has some amazing castles

Glasgow, Scotland – Despite their limited efforts to tackle the threat posed by carbon emissions, leaders of the world’s largest economies still managed to salvage their trip to the United Nations Climate Change Conference 2021, or COP26, with a joint statement suggesting that Scotland has some cool castles. “After careful deliberation among global stakeholders, we have determined that our visit to Edinburgh Castle alone was a poor thing and made this summit completely worthwhile,” read the statement signed by US President Joe Biden on Monday, South Korean President Moon Jae-in. , Argentine President Albert Fernandez, and other G20 leaders, before adding that castle ruins in the Scottish Highlands were “completely ill”. “We spent many hours together planning the tour bus route, since there are so many wonderful castles to visit and just spend so much time. Overall, though, we feel good with the itinerary we agreed on. We even walked around in part. From the coast, which is absolutely wonderful and something we highly recommend people visit while they still can.” Additional comment was reached, and several signatories to the statement expressed deep regret that they were unable to kiss Blarney Stone, who they realized in hindsight was Already in Ireland.


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