Climate change: England must ‘adopt or die’

A government agency says England could be hit as hard as Germany’s devastating floods this summer if the country does not improve its defenses against extreme weather caused by climate change.

A government agency said on Wednesday that if England were to be hit as hard as the floods that devastated Germany this summer, if the country did not improve its defenses against the extreme weather caused by climate change, a government agency said. Said on Wednesday.

In a report, the Environment Agency warned of hot, dry summers, worst-case floods, rising sea levels and increased demand for water supplies due to global warming.

It predicts that with a 2 degree Celsius rise in global average temperatures – which is below the warming level – England’s winter rainfall will increase by 6%, but by the 2050s summer rainfall It will be reduced by 15%.

The report also warns that London’s sea level is expected to rise from 23 cm to 29 cm (9 to 11 inches) by the 2050s and 45 cm by the 2080s.

The agency’s chair, Emma Howard Boyd, said “significant climate effects are inevitable” and that it was a matter of “adoption or death”.

“If we do the right thing, we can successfully deal with a climate emergency, but we are running out of time to implement effective adaptation measures,” he said.

He added, “The adaptation process must be mandatory for the government, businesses and communities as well, and people will soon question why this is not the case – especially when climate change rather than living with the costs of being inactive.” It’s very cheap to make an initial investment in wind flexibility. “

The UK is hosting the COP26 Climate Summit in Glasgow next month, and officials are ready to highlight the importance of helping communities adapt to climate change. But Howard Boyd said the issue still runs the risk of being ignored.

The warning comes in the Environment Agency’s third adaptation report, which was submitted to the government under the Climate Change Act.


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