Clash Of Clans Devs Supercell set up a fake company to sell the game.

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Image: Super cell

If you are an incredibly famous developer for a particular game, and you want to release something completely different, what would you do? If you are a super cell, the creator of the mobile trend. Clash of clans, You become a completely fake developer and gently launch your new product under a fake name.

Everdale., Officially announced yesterday. As the new game of Super Cell, in fact, since the fall of last year, has been a common name. Valleys and villages.. The free downloadable building game focuses on peaceful cooperation, bringing ten players together to build their village within a large valley, then trade resources, go on adventures and form a “valley guild”. Great emphasis for. Everdale. Kindness, teamwork, and complete absence of conflict. Which, of course, made the video an overnight sensation. Clash of clans.

Of course, this is not the first peaceful game in the studio. In the same summer as. CoCReleased in 2012, he also inspired a game. farm Ville Called Grass day, Which itself went on to raise millions of dollars for Finnish developers. However, in almost a decade since then, their games have been heavily focused on combat. Boom Beach, Clash Royal, Conflict Stars. And Clash Quest It is worth noting that for each of these, and indeed many abandoned projects, each was first released through a “soft launch” in order to get the impression of the players.

Apparently, when it came to doing something different, Super Cell feared that it could be difficult with their cultivated player base. (We’ve reached out to Supercell to ask about their motivations and experience, and will update if they respond.)

Under the name Osmite Interactive, Valleys and villages. Released selectively on mobile devices around the world, so that developers can check all this player data, depending on how the game is being played, or not really being played , And is able to make all the adjustments and changes necessary to get the game. Click and hockey as much as possible. Oops, and possibly listening to reviews posted on stores.

Games that start softly with their real names often end with a hangover when it comes to their final release, with stores affected by possible negative reviews of incomplete versions of the game. Launching a new page with a new title definitely clears the slate, once the initial hiccups and problems are gone. Although not a common tactic, this kind of soft start is periodic in the development of mobile games. Supercell is one of the largest companies in recent times.

Of course, it all comes with risks. Not having their brand behind them definitely ensures that enough players pay attention to their game. Still, it had over 50,000 installs and 900 reviews. Only on Android, So clearly managed. These reviews have been very positive, and are being warmly welcomed. Through its official release..

It’s definitely an interesting approach to start something new, avoiding reputation issues – although basically positive.


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