Cinema rejected the NYT report, claiming that it wanted 100 100 billion in climate cuts.

  • The San Kirsten Cinema office has denied reports that it wants billions in cuts to the proposed climate program.
  • The New York Times reports that it wants to reduce the spending package by 100 100 billion.
  • Cinema and San Joyce Manchin are working on the economic agenda for lower prices.

The office of the San Kirsten Cinema, which entered politics as a progressive activist in the Green Party, has denied reports that it has approved at least 100 100 billion in environmental programs from Democrats’ massive spending legislation. Who are currently stationed on Capitol Hill.

On Friday, the New York Times reported that Cinema President Joe Biden is calling for significant cuts in proposed climate provisions to reduce prices on Biden’s spending agenda, including a 1 1 trillion infrastructure bill and Includes a budget of 3.5 trillion.

Arizona lawmakers are one of two moderate holdouts who are at odds with fellow Democrats over the final price of the package, with Cinema and Sen.

Manchin has vowed not to support a bill that would cost more than 1.5 1.5 billion, and both senators are key voices in the fight, as all 50 Democratic senators support it to pass the law. Should.

In a statement to Insiders, a spokesman for the cinema’s office said reports that it wanted the cuts in climate provision were not justified.

“Neither Senator Cinema nor our office has requested such a cut, nor have we ever heard of such demands,” said John La Bombard. Tweeted In response to the Times article, “Once again, the NY Times relies on anonymous sources and misunderstands it. Do better.”

Party leaders have previously pledged to protect two major تبدیلی 450 billion climate change programs: the Clean Power Program, which encourages electricity utilization for wind, solar and nuclear energy use, and taxes. Is a general climate package of incentives aimed at encouraging use. Of clean energy.

But there are several other climate-based programs that could theoretically be cut to shrink the bill, including a number of provisions aimed at helping poor people adapt to the effects of climate change. There will also be a billion dollar “green bank”. Funding for community solar panels and electric vehicle charging stations.

There is ڈالر 30 billion on the table to create a “civilian climate cover” that encourages young people of color to pursue climate work, as well as a 10 10 billion program to convert rural electricity cooperatives from coal to wind and solar. Encourages to do.

Climate scientists told the Times that such a reduction could have a particularly detrimental effect on cinema’s own components.

“Climate change has already raised the average annual temperature in Arizona by a couple of degrees, which may not seem like much, but it has increased the heat waves and the drought, it has reduced the snow pack that our “The rivers that are important to the health of wildlife are important to our fields and farmers,” Greg Garfin, a meteorologist at the University of Arizona, told the outlet.

“We need a workforce,” he added. “We need funding. Many communities in Arizona lack the budget or expertise to do so. It requires real money. And that’s very important to Arizona.”

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