China’s draft law prohibits reporting by privately funded news outlets.

  • China can block all private investment in the media, which means the Communist Party will fund them all.
  • Handing over to a higher decision-making body will stop investing in news gathering and distribution.
  • The laws will give the Chinese government a stronger grip on news and information.

The Chinese government is proposing new rules that would ban news reporting to non-directly funded Communist Party outlets, further undermining the country’s freedom of expression.

A document submitted to China’s National Development and Reform Council on Friday suggested that private funds could not fund the collection, broadcast and distribution of news, including on social media.

It said privately-funded organizations would “not engage in the business of collecting, editing and broadcasting news.”

It will also prevent news outlets from republishing news content published by foreign media outlets, according to a Bloomberg report.

Organizations that may be affected include Hong Kong’s South China Morning Post, which is owned by Alibaba, and the financial news website Caixin, which is supported by Tencent, Bloomberg and Quartz.

The document contains a seven-day public consultation, which ends on October 14.

It is not clear if foreign news outlets operating in China will be affected.

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