China condemns opening of Taiwan office in Lithuania as ‘a terrible act’ | Lithuania

Taiwan opened a de facto embassy in Lithuania In a diplomatic penetration of the island, ignoring Beijing’s strong opposition to the move once again expressed its anger and warned of its consequences.

Taipei announced Thursday that it has opened an official office in Lithuania using the name Taiwan, a significant diplomatic exit that has defied Beijing’s pressure campaign.

Lithuania revealed in July that it had agreed to allow self-governing Taiwan to open a representative office using its name, the island’s first new diplomatic post. Europe At 18 years old.

This move led to a fierce reprimand by China, that withdrew its ambassador to Lithuania and demanded that Vilnius do the same, which it eventually did.

Other Taiwan offices in Europe and the United States use the name of the city of Taipei, avoiding reference to the island itself, which China Claims as its own land.

China has intensified its efforts to get other countries to restrict or cut off their interactions with Taiwan. Only 15 countries have formal diplomatic relations with Taiwan.

China condemned the opening as a “very outrageous act”, saying that any move to seek Taiwan independence was “doomed to failure”.

“We demand the Lithuanian side to immediately correct its wrong decision,” the Chinese Foreign Ministry said in a statement.

Beijing was also angered by Lithuania’s decision to open its own representative office in Taiwan, although no specific date has yet been set. Taiwan’s foreign ministry said the opening of the office would “paint a new and promising course” for its relations with Lithuania.

She said there is huge potential for collaboration in industries including semiconductors, lasers and financial technology. “Taiwan will cherish and enhance this new friendship on the basis of our common values.”

China’s Foreign Ministry said the move was a “crude conclusion” in the country’s internal affairs.

“The Lithuanian side is responsible for all the consequences of this,” she added.

Taiwan’s foreign ministry said the Lithuania office would be headed by Eric Huang, currently head of the Taipei mission in neighboring Latvia.

“We are very pleased to have the opportunity to be a facilitator and supporter of Taiwan-Lithuania relations,” Huang said.

On the importance of using the name Taiwan, he said, “Of course it is very useful.”

We will not focus too much on the geopolitical context. As the representative office of my country, what I focus on is fostering a substantive relationship.”

The opening of the Vilnius office is the latest sign that some Baltic and Central European nations are seeking closer ties with Taiwan, even if that angers China.

Last month, a delegation of Taiwanese officials visited Slovakia, the Czech Republic and Lithuania, angering Beijing.

The dispute with Lithuania over Taiwan also obsessed the United States, which offered its support to Vilnius to withstand Chinese pressure.

Several other countries maintain physical embassies in Taipei, including several European Union member states, Britain, Australia, and the United States.

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