Chick-Fil-a Opening Delivery Restaurant in Nashville, Atlanta.

  • Chick-fil-A is planning a new delivery restaurant concept for Nashville and Atlanta.
  • The Little Blue menu will feature feathers and other chicken dishes in addition to the usual Chick-fil-A fare.
  • Concepts of delivery have become key as restaurants close dining rooms.

China Fell-A’s new delivery will only launch the restaurant concept this fall in Nashville, China announced.

Fantasy, Little Blue Menu, will serve as a ghost kitchen with three new virtual restaurants: Flock & Farm, Garden Day, and Outfox Wings. Chick-Phil-A says they will only work with delivery Chick-Phil-A in Nashville, so food can be ordered from all four restaurants at once and delivered in hybrid electric vehicles.

The series says the name refers to the original blue menu of S Trout Kathy, founder of Chick-fil-A.

According to an inside report, Chick-fil-A was the first to file a trademark application for Outfox Wings. China did not feature a menu, but said that “whether it is home-made marinades or oven-baked chicken with incredible flavor, flavor is a central theme in virtual restaurants.” It refers to “Fat Sliced ​​Pork Belt BLT, Garden Fresh Salad, Crispy Chick-fillet Waffle Potato Fries, and Bone in Wings” as menu items in the upcoming concept.

This first Little Blue Menu location is designed to serve as a prototype and for future locations.

“Once Nashville Pilot opens and shares its honest opinion about customers’ virtual restaurants, we will have the opportunity to change or add new menu items,” marketing lead Kanika Patrick said in a statement. Second place is set for Atlanta in 2022.

Other restaurant chains have also experimented with delivery concepts over the past year as they have proven to be profitable while customers are reluctant to dine in the dining room. Applebees launched Cosmic Wings, the only delivery virtual brand with Cheetos flavored wings. Bloomberg Brands, the parent company of Outback Steakhouse, launched Tender Shake, a virtual chicken tender restaurant, and Cracker Barrel introduced the concept of delivery chicken and biscuits in Indianapolis.

“Delivery is here to stay. Now more than ever, customers want a variety of options as soon as possible to their doorstep,” John Door, one of the franchises overseeing the new Delivery Kitchen, said in a statement.

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