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Check your iPhone for compromised passwords … now!

Compromised password is a fast track for all kinds of online headaches.

But thankfully iOS makes it easy to quickly audit your passwords, so you can change them before problems get worse.

And it will take you less than five minutes.

How is it here

Tap on Setting And go Passwords. There, if you have compromised or reused the password, you will see an entry. Security recommendations..

Security Recommendations in iOS 15

To view this account, tap on it with problems with passwords, and you’ll have the opportunity to either change the password on the website or service, or delete the entry (only if you Have already changed the password. This is an old, obsolete account for this service that you have disabled).

It’s too early.

It is easy.

For most people, they are completed in less than five minutes.

But it can save you a lot of headaches.

Note: The same trick will work for iPad. On Mac, fire Safari, click and click Safari in the menu bar. Preferences … Then go Passwords, And if there are any security recommendations, you’ll see a notice at the bottom of the window.

ZDNet recommends.

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