Check the water resistance of your Android phone with this Android app

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Check the water resistance of your Android phone with this Android app

An image showing the Water Resistance Tester app showing exclamation marks on the phone is not resistant

Check your Android phone’s water resistance through a Play Store app
Image: Florence Ion / Gizmodo

Today I learned that you can test the water resistance of a smartphone without throwing it in a big pool. All you need is a water resistance tester app, like a whirl Reddit.

Appropriate name given Water resistance tester The app is available for Android devices in the Google Play Store. It tests your smartphone’s IP67 and IP68 water resistance seals with a barometer built into your phone. Two redditters in the Samsung community, from where the post started Verified and then deleted A note stating that the procedure is the same as OEMs testing seals on their devices. We have reached out to Samsung to confirm whether this is indeed the case.

To begin testing, place your phone on a solid, flat surface. Then, place your thumb on the screen where indicated. Once you apply a little pressure, the test will begin. If you take the phone out of the box, the app will flash the green checkmark. And if it doesn’t, you’ll have trouble starting the test, and then you’ll get a huge red surprise to tell you that your phone is. no Water resistant Android Police It also notes that if you run the test from a pop-out SIM tray, the test will fail because it could theoretically enter the water.

The barometer inside the smartphone measures the air pressure around the device. Back when smartphones were just coming gussied With premium featuresInside such a small device, the idea of ​​a barometer seemed like a distant ideal. Barometers are usually water-based or use a copper alloy solution that expands and contracts under atmospheric pressure. But it’s very mechanical for a smartphone. Instead, a Digital barometer It is used for testing. This is a simple pressure sensor transducer, often found in dedicated GPS chips. It measures pressure in Pascal, the same “HPa” that is on the results of a water resistance tester. Phone barometers are as powerful as you can get DIY your own scale If you wanted

I tested the app with one OnePlus 9, Which is rated IP68 for water resistance. I tried it too OnePlus N200 5G, Which is not. In both cases, the app flagship One Plus can handle water and Budget One Plus can’t, it was right to point out.

A picture of both my thumbs with the water resistance app open, pressing on an Android smartphone

Here are my thumb models to show you how to apply pressure on water resistance testing apps.
Image: Florence Ion / Gizmodo

When you live and carry your smartphone in your hand, water pressure seals can weaken over time. Such an app can help you evaluate a second-hand phone, for example, to make sure that its seals are not compromised by normal wear and tear.

It can also help alert you before you approach a watery body. It’s summer, and with the coming twists and turns of climate change, there’s at least one way to test whether your phone can handle the inevitable flood of water that completely covers the polar ice caps. Will pass after melting. We are going through some difficult times. Make sure your smartphone is enabled.

Water resistance tester is not the first Resistance testing app There are lots of positive reviews to grow in the Play Store, but to support it, not to mention community feedback. Manufacturer behind the water resistance tester app, Ray W., Does not guarantee the usefulness of the app. But it can be fun to try. If you find it useful, be sure to let the developer know, which will remove the ad as well.


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