Charlotte man warns of Venmo cell phone scandal after losing $ 2,200 ::

– Posts on the Next Door app are warning people that they are running around Charlotte with a scam.

According to WCNC Charlotte, a person walks up to you, says he needs help, and asks you to use your cell phone to call a friend or family member. Then they use your Venmo account to send themselves thousands of dollars.

This happened to Trevor Hartley when he tried to help a man in his front yard.

He stopped offering her his cell phone but thought it was weird when the man started texting on his phone. A few minutes later, the man returned Hartley’s phone and ran away. The scam cost Harley 2,200.

To protect yourself, experts say go to your security settings in the Venmo app and make sure the ‘Face ID and PIN’ option is on.


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