Chain of violence on NYC school campuses, big drop in safety officials worries parents about student well-being – CBS New York

New York (CBS New York) There has been a significant decrease in safety officers in New York City schools, and since the resumption of in-person learning this fall, we have seen a spate of violence on campus.

It has made parents worried about the safety of their children.

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“I told you so,” CBS2 political correspondent Marcia Kramer, president of the School Safety Union, reports, claiming that city officials didn’t listen when he said the “defund the police” movement and a lack of money to hire more agents will leave schools vulnerable and students unprotected.

New York City police officers joined an army of additional school safety agents outside Fannie Lou Hammer Liberty High School in the Bronx as the Education Department beefed up security, including bringing portable scanning equipment to the school not yet scanned A 16-year-old student stabbed an 18-year-old youth three times In the school library.

There were only two customers on duty. The Department of Energy acknowledged that there should have been four.

“It’s very worrying, very worrying,” said one parent, Areles Gonzalez. “The first day at school was bad. Like, there was no safety. Everyone was everywhere.”

“You know, these kids, they have to be checked, you know, before they go to school, before they go in, you know. They have to check their bags. They have to check everything,” said Violet Attieri’s mother.

The stabbing of Fannie Lou Hammer is just one of a series of violent incidents that have shaken the system since students returned to the classroom.

You can see the knife in the teen’s hand Disturbing video at Harry S. Truman High SchoolA 14-year-old was stabbed in the head in an argument over a girl.

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And it continues like this. near Metropolitan Diploma High School in Brownsville, a 17-year-old girl was stabbed in the neck, and a 15-year-old was wounded in the face at DeWitt Clinton High School.

“Why does a child think the next thing to do is to stab another child?” Ateri said.

This is something everyone warned us about last year. President Gregory Floyd, president of Teamsters Local 237, said the “Empty the police, get school safety out of schools” movement will come into effect when schools open.

Floyd, who represents school safety agents, says the combination of cuts in “police defunding” and vaccine mandates has led to a significant staff reduction — 1,200 retired agents and another 600 not in action because they refused to get the COVID shot.

Floyd says that instead of 5,500 agents, there are now 3,700.

“This results in the violence not being prevented,” he said.

A spokesperson for the Education Department insisted that serious accidents in city schools are 40% fewer than they were before the pandemic, but did not provide statistics to support this.

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CBS2 went to the NYPD, which said there were 60 criminal assaults throughout the 12-month 2019 school year. In the past two months, there have been about 15, so if criminal assaults continue at the same pace, they may well outpace the pre-pandemic totals.


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