Celebrate Jeff Bezos’ big day in space with a small ڈ 69 Dick Rocket.

Capitalism is about the fair distribution of wealth based on hard work and personal ability, which is why Jeff Bezos earns in 20 seconds what the average American worker makes in a year. She is much better than you!

Thankfully, Jeff is one too. Very sweet A boy who is completely grounded and knows how to use his wealth to help people. For example, it cost billions to travel on a dick-sized rocket, which I personally found very cool. Of course, some people say that this trip was a big failure. A huge pee competition between arrogant, morally blind billionaires, whose pocket change could save countless lives at the same internal cost as their own, but for that I say: Stop being such a bully, man !!

Blue Origin New Shepherd Rocket Model: Your 69.99.
Photo: Estes Model

If, like me, you want to celebrate Mr. Bezos’ big day in space, I have only one thing for you: the 1/66th scale model of the New Shepherd Rocket, which costs 69 69.99. Yeah Al that sounds pretty crap to me, Looks like BT aint for me either. ۔

And well, while I’m not personally surprised by the inequality of Jeff Bezos’s vast wealth, I’m certainly still an idiot who thinks rockets and space are too cold. And so it’s my duty to point out that East Rockets makes all sorts of models that you can equip with small ballistic packs and fire in the air, which is a very interesting way to spend the afternoon. Think. I mean, the rockets also have tiny parachutes in the corners of their noses that deploy medium air to swim safely for God’s sake! That’s great.

The Blue Origin Rocket itself costs 69 69.99, but you can also pay ڈالر 109.99 for a complete starter set, including a pack of launch pads, controllers, and single standby engines. Rocket is coming on November 1st but you can pre-order now. This is almost certainly the closest you will get to space like Jeff.

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