Cedric The Entertainer wants you to be ready to laugh at the Emmys and ‘The Neighborhood’: ‘All Poppin’ Off’

(CBS) – There’s a whole lot of Cedric The Entertainer coming up on CBS in the next few days! Cedric will continue hosting duties on Sunday night on .’s most-watched US network 73rd Primetime Emmy Awards And then he’ll be back on TV, smartphone or tablet Monday night for the season 4 premiere Neighborhood.

CBS’ Matt Weiss spoke to Cedric to get the inside scoop on what to expect Sunday night and what’s next. Neighborhood on Monday.

MW: Cedric! Nice to see you again especially with so much going on right now between hosting Emmy Awards back Neighborhood. You’re a very busy man, how’s it going over there?

CTE: It’s wonderful. I’m so excited. It’s one of those things that’s all happening right now. I do the finishing touches on my clothes. I do the monologue. We do theatrical performances. Everything pops off now.

MW: I want to ask you about Neighborhood First, what will you all be bringing for Season 4?

CTE: Of course, we are really happy to be back. But we will do many of the same things. We will deal with questions of social conscience.

Meanwhile we have this fun light sitcom. We plan to do a lot of that. In the season opener, Dave finds out he’s attached to me which leads to a bunch of comedy from the top.

But it also leads to a conversation about compensation. We do this kind of thing where we weave social awareness and social commentary into comedy and into this sitcom world.

MW: And Part Two With the Emmys coming up, how did you prepare for your hosting duties? What happened in the process?

CTE: He was mainly working with the writing team and the producers and really trying to understand the format of the show. We started doing some skits. Ideas I want to do.

I had big thoughts, because of COVID, we weren’t able to pull some off. I was going to get myself into Bridgertons. I really wanted to wear some tights and a nice head. Then mix shattering with the crown accidental Neighborhood, but we could not reach other groups.

It made it a little difficult to implement the ideas I wanted to do. We’ve come up with a way to do a few other things, so I’m going to make those surprises.

MW: So you don’t wear a robe is what you get?

CTE: [Laughs] I couldn’t get it out.

MW: [Laughs] This is frustrating. What are you looking forward to if you are not wearing an abaya?

CTE: It’s going to be a night with great people in the house. I’m just looking forward to awarding some prizes hopefully. My partner Anthony Anderson is ready to be on TV for 98 seconds. I like you talking about being a genius actor. Microwave popcorn takes longer and this guy is nominated for a role he did in 98 seconds!

That would be fine, man. That’s the kind of thing, I’m just looking for these winners and people to have a great time.

MW: Final question here before I let you go. bring it back to NeighborhoodIf you could sum up season 4 in three words, only three words, how would you do that?

CTE: Woah. Get. ready. to laugh. Laughter is a compound word that I created.

MW: [Laughs] Like laughter apostrophe.

CTE: Yes Yes. Ta’laugh. [laughs]

MW: For you, I think we can let that slide. I won it.

CTE: Ali right. [Laughs]

MW: Thanks so much for the time Cedric, it’s always a pleasure to talk to you. All the best with Neighborhood and with Amy!

CTE: Take care of yourself, I appreciate you Matt!

Set to CBS for file 73rd Primetime Emmy Awards This Sunday night starting at 8PM ET and the premiere of Season 4 Neighborhood Monday, September 20 also at 8 PM ET, or available to stream using Paramount +. Check your local listings for more information.


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