Cedar Hill Church Distributes Thanksgiving Meals – NBC 5 Dallas Fort Worth

There were boxes of food lined up next to rows of cars in the parking lot at Cedar Hill Missionary Baptist Church Wednesday morning.

“We know that food is still a huge problem,” said Deacon Stephen Jackson. “Food availability and price are still a big problem.”

That’s why the Community Missionary Baptist Church planned enough meals with the North Texas Food Bank to feed 3,000 people for Thanksgiving. The volunteers chatted with the recipients and worked the assembly line method to transport the lunch boxes to the cars.

“Let them know we’re not just here to distribute food,” volunteer Lisa Snead Crawford said. “I want them to know they are appreciated.”

Food insecurity in Dallas County is 47% higher than the national average; 1 in 5 children in North Texas is food insecure.

“You take everything for granted,” said volunteer Christopher Suarez, a high school student from Frisco. “Seeing all these people who need food, it kind of gives you a different perspective on how many people really need help.”

Jackson said it’s part of the church’s mission to feed body and spirits.

“That’s what the ministry is, the real ministry,” said Jackson, putting his hand in his heart. “We have to get out of the four walls that are a building. This is not the ministry, the ministry is here.” “You have to love your brother as you love yourself, not only in words…but in deeds.”


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