Casumia, a ransomware-infected tech firm, found the key to unlocking its users’ data.

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Casumia, a ransomware-infected tech firm, found the key to unlocking its users’ data.

Cassia, a Miami-based company that has been at the center of ransomware attacks on hundreds of businesses over the weekend of the July 4th holiday, said Thursday it had received a key that would allow users to access their data and networks. Will help unlock access.

The mystery is how the company got the key. Cassia said only that she had received the key from a “third party” on Wednesday and that it was “effective in unlocking the victims.”

The development is part of the latest mystery surrounding the Cassia attack, in which a group called Ransomware Evil, based in Russia, which was short for Ransomware Evil, violated Cassia and set up grocery and pharmacies in Sweden. Used to deport hundreds of cache users, including chains. And two cities in Maryland, Leonard Town and North Beach.

The attack sparked emergency meetings at the White House, prompting President Biden to call Russian President Vladimir Putin and demand an end to ransom attacks within his borders.

Within days of the call, Revel fell into darkness. Gone is Revel’s “Happy Blog”, where he published EVLs and files that Revel’s ransom victims stole. Gone is its payment platform. Its most notorious members suddenly disappeared from cybercrime forums.

It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post. Pentagon hackers have played a role in the cyber command. But it was a loss for Cassia’s victims, who were still negotiating for data when their extortionists suddenly disappeared.

Cassia’s announcement that her key had been restored was a welcome development. Often when ransomware groups exchange decryption tools for victims of extortion demands, these tools are slow or ineffective. But in this case, Brett Calloway, a risk researcher at MC Swift, a security firm working with Cassia, confirmed that the decryptor was “efficient.”

Jose Maria Leon Cabrera And Julie Truck Witz Cooperation reporting.

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