Casper Glow Light Review 2021: Sunrise Alarm Clock

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  • Casper Glow Lights are smart lamps that control gestures that help you fall asleep and wake up easily.
  • They are portable and easy to operate, making them a good choice for night lights or reading lamps at bedtime.
  • The warm glow of Casper Glow Lights helps you avoid exposure to blue light, which can disrupt standard sleep.

As a sleep researcher who knows the importance of good quality sleep, I always look for the science and benefits behind the products that I test and evaluate. While writing our guide to the best sunrise alarm clocks, I discovered Casper Glow Lights: a unique set of lights that are portable, attractive, and can also help improve your sleep quality.

Research shows that exposure to blue light (found in some household light bulbs and most electronic devices) after dusk can limit the natural production of melatonin and have a negative effect on circadian rhythms, the flow of hormones. Which tells us when to sleep. And get up. If you wake up in the middle of the night to get a glass of water or run to the bathroom, you will often need to turn on the lights, which can significantly disturb your sleep and impair your ability to sleep again. Can do

Casper Glow Lights are uniquely designed to be soft on the eyes and easy to move around the house to set the bedtime mood. They’re perfect as night lights, and a great alternative to bright overhead lights or reading lamps in the evening.

Design and specs

Take a look at the Casper Glow Lights 2021 package.

Susie Hernandez / Interior

Casper Glow Lights is a pair of simple but modern devices. Each light is a 5.25 inch long and 3.75 inch thick portable and wireless cylinder made of durable stretched polycarbonate. They do not take up much space on the bedside table and each weighs only nine ounces, so you can keep them and take them wherever you want.

They are made with warm white and amber LED lights and movement sensors that make them easy to control and they charge wirelessly by contacting a small charging base.

Overview of Casper Glow Light

The glue lights can be used immediately as soon as you open the box. The instructions are short and simple and the instruments are controlled by intuitive gestures: flip each light to turn it on or off, turn to dim or increase the brightness, and shake to turn on the diffused night light. Lights run on timer: 45 seconds for night light and 30 minutes for reading light, but there is also a pause button that you can use to release the light when needed.

You can use the lights without the Casper Glow app that comes with them, but I highly recommend downloading the app for iOS and Android devices (available on Apple App Store and Google Play). The app has some other customization options that make glue lights more useful. I downloaded the app and synced my iPhone with my glue lights.


; It was a very simple process. The app gives you the option to set waking times, sync other glue lights together and adjust the brightness.

I set my waking schedule in the app to be repeated at the same time every weekday. Glow Lights gradually light up by default for more than 30 minutes, although there is an option to choose how long each light lasts after reaching total brightness. You can also adjust multiple lights for a beautiful light show in your bedroom. My pair of glue lights created a calm atmosphere that helped me relax. If you have more than one, the app also has the option to name your lights (my default names were Sparky and Beanie), a fun feature that makes it easy to distinguish between the two.

Take a look at the Casper Glow Lights 2021 pair.

Susie Hernandez / Interior

It was very comfortable to sleep on the glue lights. They create a calm mood with warm warm lights that prepare your body for deep relaxation. The default cycle begins as a bright light that gradually fades. They work well with reading lights for a few minutes, which is great because as you continue to read it becomes very dim, you know how to keep your book down and close your eyes (if you continue reading). If you want to keep it, you can choose to stop it.

I like that every light is portable. The night light is turned on with a simple stir, and when walking home with the light at night when I had to use the bathroom or drink water I felt much calmer than turning on the overheads. ۔

Getting up in the morning with glue lights was also a very pleasant experience. Over time the lights became so bright that I woke up successfully and slowly, and I felt refreshed and ready to deal with my day.

Casper designers have deliberately designed this device as a smart light to help you fall asleep and create a pleasant waking experience. It’s based on science and its simplicity and ingenuity make it an extraordinary product, just as it has made it one of our top picks in our shopping guide.

Disadvantages of consideration

That said, the device lacks many of the key features that other alarm clocks provide. It makes no alarm sound, and instead focuses only on light therapy. Although the lights are bright enough to wake up light sleepers like me, glue may not be the best option for heavy sleepers who need a sound alarm to wake up, or for those of you who Likes stronger features to help them sleep. If you’re interested in something more featureable, you should take a look at Hatch Restaurant or Philips Smart Sleep Connected.

Although its basic functions work without the app, you need the app to schedule waking hours, which means you have Bluetooth capability if you want the light to wake you up. Must be a smart device.

Bottom line

I recommend this product for those who want to avoid turning on bright lights in the middle of the night, and for those who prefer simple, slimmer and convenient devices. I really like Casper Glow Lights because they are specially designed to put you to sleep and wake you up slowly, without any extra features. They are easily portable for waking up at night, they look great anywhere in the bedroom, and they are fun to carry around the house in the evening.

Ultimately, they can be a great addition to your bedtime routine. I think most people will be happy with how well they work and how they can improve sleep quality.

Benefits: Beautiful warm lights, portable, paired with multiple glue lights for bedroom light show, intuitive with simple gestures and easy to operate
Cons: Lack of noise, need for a smartphone app for extended features like setting sleep and waking hours.

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