Cardiff City’s players shine against Brighton in the top-star rankings, but the talented appearance-maker is a shining light

Alex Smithies 7

Moder and Zekeri skipped their efforts and there wasn’t much he could do. With that said, he made a few top-notch stops the entire time. He would have given up much more had he not been in his game.

Sean Morrison 5

The ball was put behind him for Moder’s goal, but he couldn’t do much with the Brighton man’s gas attack. Wounded after half an hour.

Eden Flint 7

He won it all in the air, as you’d expect, but Brighton’s brilliant strikers exposed him once or twice. He had two big chances to score but I saw him get denied.

Curtis Nelson 6

He had a moment or two of hair with his back to the target and his distribution was missing at times. Although largely defensive toughness.

Taveo D’Almeida 5

He showed some nice touches when linking up with his teammates, but he’s also been out of position a few times. Moder lost his target. Better when I opened the game.

Sam Bowen 8 (Man Star)

Undoubtedly the best thing to come out of the match from a City perspective. He played a lead and looked sharp, bright and complex. Great start for the academy guy.

Will Volks 5

Stick a nice ball in the penalty area for Collins to header. Hit one sad pass to Inge who unnecessarily relinquished possession. Some defensive wobbles in the second half as well.

Ryan Wintel 5

He played twice in that midfield and showed more progress than we’ve seen so far. He made a really bad intervention that could have gotten him fired.

Berry Ng 6

It was good to see him affect the match in attack again. He didn’t have much to respond to defensively either.

Josh Murphy 6

A couple of early runs got fans excited, but he held back a bit. It got a very bright five minutes or so before it took off and caused some problems.

James Collins 7

It was a nuisance to Brighton defenders. He made several cross passes and headed towards the goal, but did not enter it.


Oliver Denham (for Morrison 34) 6 – He looked really confident and accomplished when the ball was on the ground. It just lacks that air presence sometimes.

Rubin Colwill (in to Murphy 67) 6 – Showed some flashes of what he could do after his introduction. Waiting for that defining moment.

Kiefer Moore (For Collins 67) 6 – He made himself a chance, carved out to the left, but his efforts stalled. Keep playing gently.


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