CaptivateIQ adds Open API to its sales compensation platform.

CaptivateIQ, a provider of sales compensation tools, has announced the launch of a new Open. API The aim is to facilitate the development of custom processing integration. The new CativateIQ Open API is designed to integrate seamlessly with existing enterprise financial ecosystems.

For businesses that have complex payment methods and are trying to better integrate these calculations with existing business infrastructure, this API can provide some help. The product announcement outlines the key elements that this new API is able to handle:

“CaptivateIQ’s open API provides users with access to their respective adjustments and calculations from CaptivateIQ, in addition to processed commission payments. Platform. Customers can automatically dispense commission payments in the payroll system or withdraw and store commission payments as per schedule and perform all related calculations in the data warehouse.

Be sure to check out the full API documentation for more details.

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